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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday: Gobble! Gobble!

Holy Smokes! It's time for another Top 5 Tuesday! I thought I was super excited about last weeks but I'm REALLY excited about this weeks. Only really because I get to talk about all the food I get to consume the next few days!

Link up with this precious girl and tell us what your Top 5 things about Thanksgiving are!

Just Peachy

1. Homemade mashed potatoes
I happen to love anything potato! French fries, home fries, baked potato, potato chip...you get the picture. This girl right here loves her some potaotes! However, my mom makes dynoooomite mashed taters. Like, so good I may or may not eat six bowls {i will brag about this} in one Thanksgiving feast.
mmm...i can taste all the deliciousness now!

2. Family Time
I realized this makes me look like a terrible person that I put food before family. Sorry family. Every year Thanksgiving means more and more to me because we spend it with my grandparents and they are getting older. Not to sound depressing but you never know what could happen so I always cherish it. When my family gets together on Thanksgiving a few things happen...

1. Football blaring from the tv. Mom asking dad to turn it down, then dad turns it up to drowned out mom, and then grandpa shouts TURN THAT SHIT DOWN.
ohh..the joys of family time!
2. Lots of Oktoberfest is consumed..along with wine...vodka..wine..vodka. You know the drill rinse and repeat.
3. Mom and I scheme our strategy for Black Friday shopping!

3. Black Friday 
I happen to be one of those crazy lunatics that gets two hours of sleep and perks up and hits all the stores roughly before 4am. Usually I go with my mom and my cousin! No one ever really buys anything for Christmas, we usually just walk around and make fun of all the crazies who slept in tents outside the night before! We go to Bob Evans, I get french toast and I go back to bed a happy camper.

4. OSU/ Michigan week
As you know, I go to THE Ohio State University and our biggest rival is stupid Michigan. There is nothing like the feeling I get during OSU/Michigan week. Usually its a happy feeling because I get to romp around campus in my "Michigan is our Bitchagain" shirt and be all proud of my bucks! However, this year that may not be the case because well, we just really aren't that good. But, it never gets old in saying.."GO BUCKS..MICHIGAN SUCKS!!!!!" Buckeye fans have always been so sportsman like!

5. End of Fall Quarter
Thanksgiving break means that the end of Fall quarter is rapidly approaching and finals are a week away! Which why am I so thankful for that you ask? Oh let me tell you! I will be GRADUATING!!!!!! Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy. It has been a rough/long/amazing journey but I can not WAIT to say I am an alum from one of the greatest universities!

What are your top 5 things about Thanksgiving?

Happy Tuesday loves!



  1. Rivalry week is my FAVE!!! I went to VT so we have a HUGE game against UVa coming up this weekend, BUT, I know that the OSU/Michigan game will be the one on our TV this Saturday! We are HUGE Ohio State fans in my house! Go Buckeyes!!


  2. AH can't believe you're looking forward to graduation! I'm DREADING it and I still have until May! Happy Thanksgiving!


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