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Friday, November 4, 2011

Catch Up!

Fiiinnally! I can blog again! My beautiful macbook was delievered today and it is up and running again! 
Apple really hooked a sista' up! They pretty much gave me a brand new computer! They replaced the keyboard (where the crack was) and the bottom part because it was "dirty" and gave me a brand new battery because the other one didn't test properly. Just another reason why I'm an apple snob! You may pay a little more for the product but the customer service is outstanding! They replaced every thing for nothing, and covered all shipping costs! WIIINNNIIINNG!
so glad my little lady is home!

It's amazing how much I rely on my laptop since it was gone for a few days! I was so bored! I actually studied for my class {and got an A on a quiz..shocking how that works}, painted my nails 3 times, {my laptop was gone for 4}, organized my closet {by color, sleeve length, and size}, and cleaned out my car.
Needless to say, I'm glad I'm back in touch with technology again!

Ladies, I'm coming to you and asking for help! I'm stuck at 24 followers {embarassing} and am getting rather upset about it! Ok, not really upset! I've come to the conclusion that if I come to 100 followers by November/December I will do some type of giveaway. I have a ton of kate spade iphone cases, coach wristlest, and unopened bottles of nail polishes to give away! 
Speaking of give aways...you better travel to this lovely ladies blog and enter her AMAZING lilly pulitzer giveaway! 

Yesterday I bought this beautiful watch thanks to Katie and her post about La Mer watches being 50% off. I die for a La Mer Collection watch. 
La Mer

You better believe I added this bad boy to my Christmas list as well...La Mer

Check La Mer out! There watches are gorg!

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. AHHH my gosh -- I love those watches!! SO CUTE! I love the pink one that you got! Also, what is the link to the blog Long Distance Loving -- I really thought I followed her but I can't find her in my blog roll!! Could you send me the url pretty please?!

  2. cute watches! I don't even own a watch anymore but I need to get one!

  3. Looks like your new macbook is awesome! They ran out of the La Mer watch I wanted, so I passed this time, maybe again soon!

    I just found your blog! Cute!


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