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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's been awhile.

holy moly.
I'm blogging.

One could say it has been awhile, and by awhile I mean months. 
I'm currently at home with a nasty cold and I have already watched everything on my DVR, some twice and have searched netflix high and low for new stuff to watch. To put it nicely, I'm bored.
I've thought about blogging here and there and how much I have missed it, but usually the lazy side of me kicks in or my body screams "Just have one more glass of wine..."

I guess I should update you on anything and everything going on in my life..

1. Boyfriend.
If any of you follow me on twitter (kelseystoker1) or instagram (kelseystoker) you have probably seen this little cutie of mine floating around. He is seriously the sweetest, funniest, most generous guy/person I have ever met. To say that I'm extremely happy is a rather large understatement. 
-end mushy paragraph-

2. Grandma
As I had mentioned in a few posts earlier my one and only grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Next to the word cancer, this is quickly become one of my least favorites words. She has had a rough past few months and everyday I thank my lucky stars she is still here with me and cherish EVERY little moment with both her and my papoo. 

3. job hunt
I have decided to job hunt again. I love the people and time I've had at Saks Fifth Avenue, but am ready for something different besides retail I think. I've had a few interviews for a company here in Columbus and will be really excited if I get the job.

4. missed blogging
I really have missed blogging and am going to go out of my way to get back into it. I know I've said this before, but I really do mean it. 
I know this isn't the most exciting post but hey, girlfriend is tryin'.