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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Who would not want a body like this? I recently purchased the Tone It Up diet plan and you begin with a 7 day slim down. Which consists of nothing but veggies, fruit and protein. I'm sure this is going to go over well (insert sarcasm) But, hey, if it helps me look a little thinner and cleanses out all the calories I consumed on vacation I'm fine with that! Wish me luck! Hopefully I will have some results to post throughout the week beginning with today, Day 1.
My day started off with drinking 2 tbs of cider vinegar, 6 oz of water, pinch of cayenne pepper (yes, that is correct) and a pinch of cinnamon. Doesn't that sound yummy! Then I get to eat egg whites, tomato, spinage, and mushrooms...gag. I'm not a fan of tamato or mushrooms so that was hard to get down this morning! I surved day 1 and I started to feel sick half way through the day and had a super bad headache but I think that was my body  just getting use to it..or thats what I hope!
Speaking of vacation! I recently took a trip to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland with a bunch of my moms family and had the most WONDERFUL time! It was relaxing and peaceful. It was nice to get away from my normal day routine for a week and just hang out! Here are some pictures from my adventures!
My precious cousins <3
Reason WHY i'm doing the 7 day slimdown.
The house we stayed in!
Evening out on the boat.

I have so many more but am just way to lazy to upload them right now! 
Have a fabulous day.



  1. your alcohol collection looks like mine.
    but its too yummy to give up :)

  2. Good luck with your slim down! I'd love to know the results at the end! I'm glad you had a great vacation though! That house is gorgeous!


  3. Ohhh, yeah, I wish that was a picture of me. I just don't think I could swing that diet. Now, if it were a diet focused on how many brownies/cookies I could eat in a 24-hr period, I would be ALL over that ;)

  4. WoW! Impressive diet! I bet you were feeling sick by the end of the day! Good luck throughout the rest of the week! Such a sweet pic of you and your cousins!

  5. thanks for all the love guys :)


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