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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obsession much? ..and Day 2.

First I want to thank Katie for putting me on her blog and allowing me to get some blog lovin' today! I appreciate it! To my new followers: I hope you enjoy my blogging :) 
Today I continued with the 7 day slimdown and started my day off by drinking the oh so lovely vinegar drink. It is a rough way to start off your morning but it really does give me a lot of energy throughout the day! I can start to tell a difference when I start my day off by drinking it and when I do not! 
I clearly look thrilled about the drink!
However, I am happy with the results so far. I've already lost 11/2 pounds in just a little under two days. THANK YOU J ESUS (kisses sky like Melissa Gorga does) aka my idol of RHONJ. I'm a sucker for reality tv..all things you find out in time! 
Now, onto the obsession part of my title. I may or may not have an obsession with buying nail polish. I stick with the two classics: OPI & Essie. I go into beauty first for shampoo and I leave with 4 bottles of nail polish. 
so much shopping $$ down the train.
Lately OPI has been selling their current collection in mini bottles with 4 different colors for only 12.50! Which I enjoy so much better because a normal bottle is 8.50 and I never use all of it and end up throwing it away when it dries up and doesn't paint as well! The mini bottles are the perfect size. I'm in LOVE with the current summer collection below.
Currently I am wearing the silver color on all my nails with the glitter on my middle finger to add a little flare! Do you guys enjoy any specific OPI or Essie color? If so, which one and why! Speaking of nails..I am off to get a mani with my best gabby since she is leaving for texas in three weeks :( 

Have a wonderful evening


  1. 11.2 lbs in 2 days?!?! thats crazy! do you have the link to whatever 7 day thing you're doing?

  2. Oops! that should say 1.5 pounds! My bad! I wiiiiiish I could lose 11.2 pounds in one day :)

  3. I need to look for these mini bottles! I NEVER use all mine - usually less than a quarter of a bottle over time so those would be perfect for me!! Wow, I'm way too excited.

  4. Great idea for getting the mini bottles! And your Melissa Gorga comment cracked me up! I love the real housewives! Beverly Hills is back in September!!!


  5. I'm the exact opposite. I love nail polish, but hateee paying for it lol I will just borrow everyone else's I know so I don't have to pay or just go get my nails done. I do buy a few that I'm obsessed with though :) ps- you're welcome!


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