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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Religion & Beliefs: Sex and the city.

Hello my little bloggies!

It really feels like ages since I blogged last! 
I'm not a fan of this feeling.

Recently, my Dad downloaded the HBOgo app onto his iPad and it has done nothing but wonders for my life! It has all seasons of every great show people have ever invented: 
The Sopranos
Boardwalk Empire
Derek Jeter's 3K {ok, not a show but an amazing documentary! Do yourself a favor and watch it if you love sports & derek jeter}

Last but not least:
Sex and the city.

Now, I know my title states religion and beliefs and that is what SATC is for me.
{No, this is really not what I consider my religion..well, maybe a little}

All six seasons are on this app! 

So, naturally my spare time has been devoted to this show and rewatching from the beginning! I can't help but fall in love with the show everytime I watch it.
I mean, Carrie & Big..hello!
But on a serious joking side this show really should be considered a religion and belief system for the following reasons:
1. It is about single women standing up for their beliefs in love, friendship, work, and obviously fashion.
2. They drink cosmos like they are water.
3. Carries wardrobe all 6 seasons: enough said.
4. Carries hair all 6 seasons.
5. Makes you feel that no matter what there is a Mr. Big for anyone!
6. Amazing quotes.

Ok, so those really aren't hard facts on why this show is so wonderful.
But, I consider all six seasons a bible in someway and sometimes a good sex and the city quote just really brightens my mood. 
It's such a classic tv show! 

I know this is a riveting post today {what do ya want from me!}
But, I just love me Carrie, Miranda, Samantha & Charlotte.

Have a fabulous day


  1. Sex and the City is definitely my favorite show!! Cute blog!


  2. Love your blog, newest follower and I'm excited to follow along.

    I love Sex and the City, great show.


  3. Love me some Derek Jeter! I'll have to check that one out :)

  4. I love Sex and the City! I'm finally watching the seasons in order! Love your blog! Now following!! :]

  5. Um...I need this app! I love me some SITC!!!

  6. Soo I'm pretty sure we're the newest SATC girls. We can find more girls for the club but we are the founding members. I hope you enjoy that I basically just backstalked you and I'm now commenting on a post from 3 weeks ago. It's fine.


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