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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So, you're crazy?

So, today is Wednesday.

Sorry that's all I got for an opener today.

I started off having a really good day yesterday {Tuesday} that went to straight shit and now I'm hoping today {Wednesday} will be much better.
Why am I telling you which day it is?
Well, because having Monday off has screwed me up and I have to keep reminding myself what day of the week it is.
sign of getting old.

I got an email from a reader of my blog the other day asking a very simple question that went a little something like this:
So, your blog says welcome to crazy town? Does that mean you are actually crazy?

I obviously laughed at first and then thought to myself, am I?
{I already knew the answer to this}

This kind person asked me why I chose this as my title, and then I started to think about it and why I did. 
Next thought was why had I never explained why I chose this as my title.

So, here you have my entertaining Wednesday post. 

I started blogging about a year ago and my life a year ago was just what my blog title states: crazy town.
I was going through changes in friends, learning how this whole thing called life  works.
I was in the middle of a back and fourth battle with insurance companies for my car wreck.
I was partying every single night. I mean every single night. It got to the point where by the time I walked into the bar the bartender had a drink waiting for me.
I failed a class.
I was blowing through all of my money and being stupid and immature. 
I would fight with my parents over the littlest things, and I never ever fight with my parents.

Don't get me wrong my life wasn't all sadness and darkness.
Really funny shit was happening to me to. 
You know the funny where all you do is laugh for hours until you cry.
I had the best of both worlds. 
I was single & ready to mingle.
I dated around, went on a few dates here and there and enjoyed it all.
Found out my best friend was moving to Texas. 


Typing it and maybe you evening reading it doesn't really sound all that crazy
But, for me it was.
For the first time I had zero control over how things were going.
It seemed like every time I would turn a corner a new adventure in life would pop up, and for the first time in my entire life I accepted each challenge. I may not have liked it, but I accepted it.
All 24 years of my life has consisted of the same people, same places, same habits, same everything.
I, for once, wasn't seeing the same faces, going to the same places, and not performing the same habits.
Guess crazy town made me taste a dose of medicine that I really wasn't ready to taste.
Welcome to crazy town might not be the best blog title but I enjoy it. 
It's a daily reminder of why I started blogging, why I chose to maybe take a different route in expressing myself. 

So, there you have it. Why my blog title is crazy town and what living a day in crazy town is like.
Phew. Shit just got personal. 

 I'm glad someone asked me what my blog title meant. It helped remind me of why I chose to label myself as crazy :)

Enjoy your day!



  1. I liked this.... Very insightful. Glad you opened up to us readers :)

  2. I love it! Everyone's life is a little crazy sometimes. :)

  3. I would have thought my life was crazy if I had all that going on too! Finding yourself isn't easy, and I think we're always doing that. So if that means you're crazy, well then, we're all f*cking nuts!


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