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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Ok..so I don't actually own any diamonds.

However, today's Top 5 Tuesday with Rachel is jewelry pieces.
Just Peachy
Believe it or not this has been the hardest Top 5 for me because I wear a lot of different jewelry everyday and it is hard to pick favorites!


After a rather long process of elimination {yup, I did that} here is what my Top 5 pieces are...

From Top {Left to Right}
1. Michael Kors watch. 
Hands down my favorite thing that I own and I wear it everyday. Maybe I even talk to it sometimes when I look down at it, who knows.
It's an espresso color so it goes with a lot of different colors, which is one of the many reasons on why I love it. 
2. Tiffany's Silver Ball Bracelet.
This was my first rather expensive piece of jewelry that I owned. I got it as a gift from an ex back in the beginning of college. I mean it's still ok that I wear it?
3. My mother's first engagement ring.
My mom gave me this ring when I turned 13. My parents got married when they were practically babies {18 & 20} and this was all my dad could afford. It is simple and timeless {just like their love he says.}
It meant a lot to me that my mom gave it to me for my 13th birthday. I try not to wear it everyday because the diamond is slightly loose and I'm scared it will pop out!
Here is a close up:

4. My pink love bracelet.
I got this bad boy for 1.99 at Charlotte Russe and I wear it every single day!
It's just a simple bracelet but I'm obsessed with it.

5. White wrapped bracelent.
This is another Charlotte Russe steal for a whoppin 3.50! Holla!
I usually pair it with my love bracelet and my watch on the same hand.
It's simple and matches almost everything. I have it in black as well but the white one I wear errday.

Well now that you all now about my precious jewels link up with Rachel!

What are you favorite jewelry pieces?



  1. Aww what a cute story about your mom's ring...the jewelry with meaning behind it is always the best! xo

  2. love your mom's ring! those are the best pieces of jewlery :) of course I love the MK watch too ..I'm still obsessed with mine after a year!

  3. Those are great pieces! It's so sweet that you can wear your mom's ring. Have a great day!

  4. I have been eyeing a michael kors watch at nordstrom for a few months now... I walk up to it... and then I walk away (crying) great pieces!

    darling blog! cant wait to read more in the new year!



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