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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

nailed it.

Ladies, I nailed it.
I'm speaking about nail polish, ya perv. 

As you all may know I have a slight addiction to buying and hoarding nail polish. I'm talking I own roughly 50+ bottles and an endless amount of top coats. 
However, I was never happy with all the top coast I had tried...UNTIL I discovered Essie's good to go top coat. 

Holy. Moly. 
It dries my nails in minutes and gives the color a shine that lasts for days.
I've died and gone to nail heaven.
I'm LOVING this top coat and this Essie's colors that are always my go to's. 


top to bottom.

1. Essie's good to go top coat
2. Ballet Slippers
3. A crewed interest
4. Turquoise & Caicos
5. Avenue Maintain
6. Berry Naughty
7. Smokin' hot

What are some of your favorite top coats and go to nail colors?


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's been awhile.

holy moly.
I'm blogging.

One could say it has been awhile, and by awhile I mean months. 
I'm currently at home with a nasty cold and I have already watched everything on my DVR, some twice and have searched netflix high and low for new stuff to watch. To put it nicely, I'm bored.
I've thought about blogging here and there and how much I have missed it, but usually the lazy side of me kicks in or my body screams "Just have one more glass of wine..."

I guess I should update you on anything and everything going on in my life..

1. Boyfriend.
If any of you follow me on twitter (kelseystoker1) or instagram (kelseystoker) you have probably seen this little cutie of mine floating around. He is seriously the sweetest, funniest, most generous guy/person I have ever met. To say that I'm extremely happy is a rather large understatement. 
-end mushy paragraph-

2. Grandma
As I had mentioned in a few posts earlier my one and only grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Next to the word cancer, this is quickly become one of my least favorites words. She has had a rough past few months and everyday I thank my lucky stars she is still here with me and cherish EVERY little moment with both her and my papoo. 

3. job hunt
I have decided to job hunt again. I love the people and time I've had at Saks Fifth Avenue, but am ready for something different besides retail I think. I've had a few interviews for a company here in Columbus and will be really excited if I get the job.

4. missed blogging
I really have missed blogging and am going to go out of my way to get back into it. I know I've said this before, but I really do mean it. 
I know this isn't the most exciting post but hey, girlfriend is tryin'. 


Thursday, October 11, 2012


oh hello there, hi there.

I'm here for my bi-weekly apperance. 
Over the weekend I turned the big 2-5. I'm still recovering from the sadness it brings my heart.
I am currently FIVE years from THIRTY. 
holy. shit.

I make it a point every year to write myself a quick letter reflecting on that age I'm leaving and over the weekend I did just that. I grew up a lot in this past year and experienced a lot.

So, here is letter #24 for you..


It’s hard to believe that I’m 25. It hurt my soul a little to type out the number 25, and I now need a shot of something to take the edge off. I kid, kind of. I literally feel like I was turning 16 two years ago and driving on my own for the first time, becoming 18 and buying a pack of cigs and graduating high school feels like a year ago, and turning 21 and bar hopping seven days a week with my friends {fine, I did that 18-20, too} seems like a month ago.
                  Now, calm down, I know 25 is not THAT old. In my head I still imagine my friends and I all  chugging bottles of boones farm by the fire after a football game, and in reality that is donezo. It hit me a few weekends ago when I was at one of my best friends sons 1st birthday parties. We aren’t exactly young anymore, we are celebrating babies parties, and I looked around at my other friends and their babies. We aren’t those young, careless, idiotic 18 year olds anymore. We are 24, entering 25. Holy shit. Then it hit me, I’m having a really hard time accepting that I’m turning 25.
                  I guess maybe it’s because 24 and I didn’t exactly see eye to eye on some things, but then again, some really great things happened at 24. I graduated college {still praising jesus on that one}, I started to fully support myself 100% financially. Don’t get my wrong I’ve been paying for all of my bills since I was 16, but the hair cuts, and mani/pedis, and trips to Kroger with Mama Stoker are no more, and too be honest, it feels really good to support myself. I live paycheck to paycheck and some days have maybe twenty bucks to my name, but I love it.
Maybe I am approaching 25 in a different light because I feel like at 24 I had to grow up, and grow up a lot. I got my heart broken and my world flipped upside down. I didn’t just lose a boyfriend I lost a best friend in that relationship as well, and when I stopped and thought about it I think that was the hardest part in all of it. My grandma was diagnosed with alzheimer’s, and seeing your perfectly healthy grandma going from fine to not being able to remember a conversation you had thirty seconds ago is beyond sad. When I stop and think about it maybe 24 didn’t happen, maybe life just happened and 24 just happened to be the age when it hit me. According to the life plan I made when I was 16, not one thing happened in 24 that I had planned. But, such is life right?
I’m scared and excited to see what 25 brings. I hope it brings happiness, love, and good fortune. But, that’s what everyone wishes for right? Most importantly I hope 25 brings me that drive that I leave 24 with, and that determination to not keep settling for ok, but to keep striving for great. From April until now, I have done everything in my power to become a better person in every area possible and I think I have improved a lot. But, there is always room for improvement and I want to keep on improving.
                  I want to find that great love in a man that everyone wants. I mean, 25 isn’t exactly 20. I’m slowly, but surely slipping out of prime. I gotta hurry up find a man, and lock him down before these wrinkles set in too deep. {Glad to see a flare for the dramatics didn’t leave at all.}
                  Overall, I would give 24 a sold C performance. It wasn’t outstanding, wasn’t terrible. As terrified as I was about turning 25 and becoming an old hag, I’m also excited in a way too. If I became this much of an adult at 24, what will happen in the next 365 days?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

just. flat. out. lazy.

Oh, hello there.

Remember that time I promised I would blog about all of my everyday favorites and I did really well for about three days. 
I then also promised I would blog about my favorite nail care products, well guess what?
I lied.

There, I said it. The thought of making one more polyvore board and explaining to you why I use those nail products put me to sleep {i actually fell asleep trying to do it} So, I thought why in the h-e-double hockey sticks would I cause you to go to sleep trying to read a post about it?
It's a win/win for all of us and you are welcome.

Between my pumpkin latte whatever it is called candle burning from bath & body works and my window open letting in a fresh breeze, I am just simply entirely to lazy to type out a post today.
Maybe tomorrow I will fire up my computer and try again.

Clearly, I am lacking creativity and need some ideas on what to blog about. Feel free to help a sista out.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everyday favorites: Hair Products

Happy Humpday! 

This week is literally flying by! 
I started blogging last week about my everyday favorites and today I am going to talk about my favorite everyday hair products! 
Now, the hair gods blessed me with my fathers hair and gave me natural curly, thick, course hair. 
{Thanks a lot, dad.}
So, I have to either straighten my hair or curl it with a curling iron so it looks somewhat tamed and controlled. To eliminate further damage on my hair I usually shower at night and let my hair air dry so I don't put as much heat on it. 

But, to protect my color {always a sulfate free shampoo} and keep my hair hydrated this is my daily regiment.

Favorite Hair Products

1. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo: helps keep my course hair hydrated and since it is sulfate free keeps my color protected and from it stripping faster.
2. Sebastian Light Conditioner: I love love love this conditioner. It gives my hair a little bit of moisture but without weighing it down and gives it a ton of shine. 
3. ENJOY Luxury Conditioner: Twice a week I will use this instead of the sebastian and go heavy on my ends with it. It smells heavenly and really just helps bring my hair back to life and does wonders for my split ends.
{Warning} if you have super, fine hair, do not use this conditioner. It is super heavy and will weigh it down like whoa. 
4. Morrocan Oil Treatment: Whether I let my hair air dry or blow dry I always, always, always use morrocan oil. Not only is it super healthy for your hair, but it smells wonderful. It helps tame flyaways and frizz as well. 
After I am done curling my hair or straightning I will take one pump of it and put it on my dry ends for extra protection. I also take the extra on my hands and rub into my arms and legs. It is a great moisturizer for the skin!
5. Morrocan Oil Medium Hold Hairspray: I may or may not use this as perfume from time to time if I forget to put some on. Smells heavenly! I love this hairspray because it gives hold but is very flexible. So, if you brush through your curls this is perfect because it doesn't take the shape out and is very flexible. 

These are my favorite daily hair prodcuts that help keep my luscious locks in place and tamed everyday! Do you have any products that you just love so much you use every single day? 
What are they?

Next up tomorrow, nail care.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Closet Items!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I'm oh so very happy to announce that Rachel has brought back Top 5 Tuesday!
This week she chose to talk about the top 5 things worn in our closet. 
I really thought I would struggle with this one because I get very overwhelmed at times when I look into my closet, but, it was actually super easy.

Now, take your cute little but on over to her blog and link up!

Just Peachy

Favorite Closet Items!

I just realized I forgot to number these, oh well.

1. leopard loafers: i love the loafer look, step off.
I got these bad boys at taget for 20 bucks. I refuse to pay a lot for trendy pieces {like the 80.00 ones I saw at DSW} because I will most likely be over these in two months.
2. White basic tank: Old Navy.
The one listed isn't Old Navy, but I was lazy and used polyvore and that was the closest, shoot me. I wear the crap out of this shirt. I layer it with blazers, wear it alone with a scarf, pair it a bold necklace. I have so many options with a tank like that its a must in my closet.
3. AG Stilt jeans.
Now, I'm not one to buy expensive things, I'm actually pretty cheap. However, I'm in LOVE with these jeans. I highly suggest everyone to invest in at least TWO pairs of high quality denim. It does wonders for your ass, I'm just sayin'. 
4. A bright colored blazer: I have three bright colored ones in my closet. Just adds a nice pop of color when you are having a bad day, or just want to put that extra POP in your outfit. 
I mean, who doesn't like a blazer that say "I'm here!"
5. Black maxi skirt: I mean how can ya go wrong with this, ladies? You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it to the groccery, or wear it to happy hour! I have one from Forever21 that is shorter in the front and longer in back like this one and I have worn it so many different ways! It's a must!
Bonus: booties.
I'm still undecided about booties. I have a pair I'm interested in adding to my closet and just undecided about them. I have a high heeled bootie that I loved & adore, but just don't know how I feel about a low heeled bootie, thoughts on if I should add?

As you can see my favorites are pretty basic, staple pieces but that is what allows me to build everything else in my closet! Do you have any of the same top 5? 
Thank you, Rachel for bringin Top 5 Tuesdays back!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

My everyday favorites!

Oh hey there.

I had a bit of "bloggers block" {aka case of the lazy's} and decided I haven't done a post in awhile about my everyday favorites in awhile!

So, for the nexy few days I am going to post my favorites in the following catagories:

Today is probably my favorite topic because I am what I like to call a makeup addict, and because well homegirl just does not, and I repeat, does not look cute without makeup. I find myself buying a lipgloss here, a mascara there, an eyeshadow quad pops up every now and then, and next thing you know my makeup bag looks like target & sephora threw up inside of it.

So, these are my make up favorites that I use everyday and don't want to try and live without.

My make up!

1. spellbound lipstick: covergirl
{everyone needs a bright colored lipstick in their make up bag, everyone}
2. Physicians formula bronzer brick 
Love this bronzer because it gives a really good natural glow, and has lasted me months.
3. NARS orgasm blush.
I die for this color. I try so many shades, and ALWAYS go back to this one.
4. Sephora Eye Palette: "In the Nude"
These shades are great! You can really build them off of one another and they match everything so well.
5. elf high definition powder.
Now, ladies, if you pay a ridic amount of moolah on makeup forever's HD powder, STOP. I think this powder works 10x better and is 6.00 bucks!! 
Thank you, elf!
6. elf volumizing and lengthing mascara.
I really can only say the following about this mascara, I die for it, and it costs me 1.00. 
We shall call that a win. I will say if you are a heavy hitter with the mascara, like myself, it is a real bitch to get off sometimes. 
But, for a 1.00 I will not complain.

Now, I do use bare minerals as a base but most days I've just been rockin' some bronzer and blush becaue I've been tan. 
However, when the summer tan fades and casper the friendly ghosts comes back out to play I will bust it back out!

Do you have any makeup favorites you use on a daily basis because you love so much?
I'm looking to dip back into the foundation world for winter time so I would love some feedback on different brands.

Have a fabulous weekend, I am beyond excited for mine.