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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Closet Items!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I'm oh so very happy to announce that Rachel has brought back Top 5 Tuesday!
This week she chose to talk about the top 5 things worn in our closet. 
I really thought I would struggle with this one because I get very overwhelmed at times when I look into my closet, but, it was actually super easy.

Now, take your cute little but on over to her blog and link up!

Just Peachy

Favorite Closet Items!

I just realized I forgot to number these, oh well.

1. leopard loafers: i love the loafer look, step off.
I got these bad boys at taget for 20 bucks. I refuse to pay a lot for trendy pieces {like the 80.00 ones I saw at DSW} because I will most likely be over these in two months.
2. White basic tank: Old Navy.
The one listed isn't Old Navy, but I was lazy and used polyvore and that was the closest, shoot me. I wear the crap out of this shirt. I layer it with blazers, wear it alone with a scarf, pair it a bold necklace. I have so many options with a tank like that its a must in my closet.
3. AG Stilt jeans.
Now, I'm not one to buy expensive things, I'm actually pretty cheap. However, I'm in LOVE with these jeans. I highly suggest everyone to invest in at least TWO pairs of high quality denim. It does wonders for your ass, I'm just sayin'. 
4. A bright colored blazer: I have three bright colored ones in my closet. Just adds a nice pop of color when you are having a bad day, or just want to put that extra POP in your outfit. 
I mean, who doesn't like a blazer that say "I'm here!"
5. Black maxi skirt: I mean how can ya go wrong with this, ladies? You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it to the groccery, or wear it to happy hour! I have one from Forever21 that is shorter in the front and longer in back like this one and I have worn it so many different ways! It's a must!
Bonus: booties.
I'm still undecided about booties. I have a pair I'm interested in adding to my closet and just undecided about them. I have a high heeled bootie that I loved & adore, but just don't know how I feel about a low heeled bootie, thoughts on if I should add?

As you can see my favorites are pretty basic, staple pieces but that is what allows me to build everything else in my closet! Do you have any of the same top 5? 
Thank you, Rachel for bringin Top 5 Tuesdays back!



  1. Need loafers ASAP!!!! I love all your pieces. An you do wear that white tank often :) It really is a perfect go-to piece!


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