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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Hottie Edition.

Oh hello there, everyone.
I'm very excited about this post, and I'm sure by the end of it, you will be too.

I'm linking up with Rachel from Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday and this week we get to talk about a topic near and dear to my heart; celebrities {hottie} editiion.
So, hop on over to her page and join in on the fun.

Just Peachy

1. Channing Tatum
I mean, seriously? How does one man look this? 
I would like to do a lot of things to do those abs...actually I would like to do a lot to that body of his. 
I will be seeing magic mike this weekend..more than once.

2. Matthew McConaughey
I mean if a picture could paint a thousand words?
Look at that smile!

3. Colin Egglesfield
Mmm. I watch "Something Borrowed" over and over again just to see his gorgeous face.

4. Adam Levine
His tattoo's make me go crazy, and if this picture does nothing for you, well then, you just probably should be slapped in the face. I mean good god all mighty he is gorgeous. He can move like jagger with me alllll day long.

5. Terrence Jenkins
i love that smile. He actually is a BET something or other and has only been in one move {Act like a lady, think like a man} but, I LOVE him. Like, may or may not be obsessed with him.
How could you not be with that face?

It was so hard to pick just five hotties. I really didn't put them in any specific order because if I had done that well then, this post would have never ever gotten done. 
However, I didn't mind sitting on my laptop and googling pictures for hours of all these men. 
I didn't mind one bit! 
Good top 5 topic, rachel. 

What are your favorites hotties?

ps. if you follow me on twitter {and if you don't you should kelseystoker1} you saw I need guest bloggers! I still need about 4 more! So, puhlease {in my best begging voice} contact me if you would like too! 
Now, go wipe your drool off from looking at all those delicious babes :)



  1. Um, and thanks for the hottie shots. I just drooled on my keyboard.

  2. Terrence Jenkins. He will make it to the Top 5 Hottie Edition Part 2. Thank you.


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