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Monday, June 25, 2012

25 things.

holy moly, it's monday. 
This weekend went by so fast I feel like it didn't even happen!

Well, since i got one email about the Q&A ya'll have to read a post about 25 things about me. Not that many people read this anyway, but, enjoy.

maybe we will try this Q&A thing again when we get that follower count up to triple digits.

Ok, so here we go.

1. It will be a miracle if I actually stick it out and come up with 25 facts about me.
2. I hate condiments and eat everything practically plain.
i.e. ketchup, mustard, salad dressing. I just started putting the smallest amount of sauce on my spaghetti THIS year.
3. I'm very very sarcastic and when I realllllly want to get my sarcastic/bitchy point across I will follow any sentence with "shocker."
4. I'm known to say at least two curse words {one being the eff bomb} in at least every sentence.
5. I've been known to wear a headband across my forehead a time or two.

6. I have had my heart broken only one time in my life.
7. I have the best friend a girl could ever, ever ask for. Because, even when I am having a bad day she knows how to make me laugh by maybe using my ex's name and jerry sandusky's in the same sentence. I never said she could get me to laugh in an appororiate way.

8. I may or may not steal tampons from restraunts that offer them in the bathrooms.
What? A girl has got to have a spare in her purse, don't act like you haven't done it.
9. Until a few years ago I didn't know you could drive to Mexico. 
{Geography and directions has never been a strength of mine!}
10. I'm a die hard buckeye fan, and a bitter one at that sometimes and I will not apologize for it. 
Ann Arbor will be a whore till the day I die.
11. I'm really, really, really bad at admitting when I'm wrong and it is my greatest flaw.
12. It took me 5 1/2 years to graudate, but getting my diploma from THE Ohio State University will be my greatest memory. 

13. I have had every hair color known to man kind.
dark brown.

light brown.

platinum blonde.

13. I'm known to also carry mini bottles of vodka around with me.
I just like to bring a little bit of the party with me wherever I go.

14. I have a very inapproriate crush on Justin Bieber. 
15. I own 42 bottles of nail polish, and that is not counting however many bottles are upstairs that I am just to lazy to count. 
16. I always get really excited about blog giveaways I see but am too lazy to enter them.
Do you see a pattern in these two facts?
17. I am terrible with grammer and do not give a faaackk. 
18. I read the essentails weekly: people, US Weekly, People Style & Glamour. 
19. Once you get on my bad side it's really hard to get back on my good side.
20. I've learned A LOT of hard lessons in the past year but would not take any of them back because I have become such a better, stronger, more independant person because of them.
21. I have one tattoo and at first said I would never get another..jokes on me.
22. I have naturally super curly hair.
23. I'm obsessed with cheese and would eat it with everything if it was healthy.
24. I've seen every episode of Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, Sex & The City, Private Practice, and Gossip Girl...twice. 
25. I love vodka.

Holy shit.
I made it through all 25.

I'm sure you all feel like you can start your day now that you have read those.



  1. OK I won't lie....I like the short dark brown hair! I also am known to drop the f bomb way to often...I should prob work on that one. And mini vodka bottles...hells yes...I've been known to stick em not only in the boots, but also in the tits to get them into a concert!

  2. I hate Michigan. End of story. And I also have a very inappropriate crush on Justin Bieber. Love it!


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