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Monday, October 31, 2011

Complete Shenans.

Let me be the first to say...what. a. weekend.
I know I promised you lots of glorious pictures from all the wonderful things I was going to do this weekend. Well, I lied.
I thought celebrating Halloween like it was 2007 and act like I was 19 would be a good idea. It wasn't, and if I learned anything this weekend it was the following:
1. Spiked Jello is not my friend.
As I mentioned earlier my friend and I were going to make spiked jello jigglers. Turns out when you add half a bottle of vodka to a pack of jello it really doesn't hold shape very well. So, it was jello brains instead. I also learned that eating this lovely treat you WILL get drunk and it won't end up in your favor. 

2. Wearing a mask doesn't mean you're dressed up
I guess I thought if you dress up as nothing for halloween {which is what I did} and wore a mask you would somehow not get noticed and asked why you weren't dressed up. What ever happened to just throwing on a mask and TADA their's your costume. Ok, fine. I get it I should have dressed up.

3. I can't hang like I use to. Not one bit. Friday night I got so intoxicated that Saturday I was not even human status and wasn't able to go down and tailgate for the Buckeye game. 
WHICH THEY WON!!!!!!!!! It was an AMAZING game and I was on edge the entire time. There really is nothing I love more than the Ohio State Buckeyes, ok well, shopping of course.

My halloween adventures were honestly so fun from what I remember and I was so glad I ended up going out! One of my friends who moved to NYC was in town and it was fun to see her as well!

Tonight I will brave the cold and take my little cousins trick or treating and steal all their candy for a little bit and help my grandparents pass out candy!

Today was rather exciting however! I was cleaning out my old room and found my favorite Lilly Pulitzer planner that I lost months ago {yay!} Opened it and realized I only have one more month left to use it {fail!}
best. planner. ever.

What all did you dolls do this weekend? What were you for Halloween?


Friday, October 28, 2011


It's ALMOST Halloween WEEEKKKKEENNND!!! Eeeeekkkkk!!!

I'm so excited I can't even begin to tell you! One of my best friends and I are treking to downtown Columbus tonight {Short North} for the famous high ball halloween party! High Ball is beyond fun! The costumes are INSANE! 
Like, blow your mind insane! I will take plenty of pictures to show you guys on Monday! 
I have yet to come up with a costume {procastination at it's finest!}

Of course my friend and I will be pregaming with the following goodies:
*Spiked Jello Jigglers, and by spiked I mean I used an ENTIRE Bottle of vodka for 2 3oz boxes of jello. Whoops.
*Spiked apple cider: with whipped cream vodka..yumm!

My weekend doesn't stop there! Saturday after work, I'm going to leave work and zoom on down to Campus and tailgate and help cheer on my BUCKEYES to a victory over those silly Wisconsin Badgers!

Yesterday one of my favorite little bloggies Emily awarded me with this:

Rules: To list 7 facts about yourself and pass onto 15 other bloggers. I don't have 15 people to pass it along to so bare with me! 
1. I have an older brother who I fight with 9 times out of 10 but love unconditionally
2. My obsession with apple has gotten out of control!
ipod, macbook, ipad, ipod..blah blah blah
3. I'm blessed to have been raised in a household with two parents who after 35 years of marriage still love one another like they did when they were 15!
4. I shop 3 times a week..this. is. not. a. joke.
5. On a daily basis I jam out to Whitney Houston's "I wanna dannnnceee with somebody!" 
6. Figuring out the future and applying to jobs gives me legit anxiety.
7. I'm 100% sarcastic. Sometimes it's entertaining and funny, but other times when others don't get my sarcasm it ends up B-A-D, bad.

With all that being said: I pass the torch onto the following:
Faicita @ About Fais

That's all I got for now! What are your guys' plans for Halloween! 

I hope it's spoooktastic! 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's ok!

Hiiiii Ladies! I'm linking up with Neely for "It's ok Thursday!"
Its Ok Thursdays

This is what I'm ok with today..

*I'm ok with being a very calm scaredy cat individual while my parents are out rompin' around Las Vegas and I'm just sitting at home looking out the window every 5 minutes making sure the boogey man isn't going to capture me. {Hi, I'm 24 and STILL scared of the dark!}
*I'm ok with not dressing up for Hallowee, but instead sitting at home with one of my besties drinking spiked apple cider AND spiked jello jigglers. Um, hello! How can this NOT be a good time!
*I'm ok with having 4 cups of coffee today to try to perk up from my late night last night.
*I'm ok with watching "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" 4 times. I actually don't even care for hate Kris Humpheries and Kim is my least favorite, but just watch it because I love how cray cray Kourtney and Khloe are.
*I'm ok with already planning how I'm going to spend my paycheck this weekend.
*I'm ok with already having a two page list {yes, two pages} of beauty products & nail polish I will purchase at my new job.

I have had a very good week this week! So, I'm ok with a lot of things!

What are ya'll ok with!? 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
I'm linking up with Jamie for what I'm loving Wednesday because Pinterest was sassying me and would not load! How rude!

So, this is what I'm love love loving today!
comfy chic
Made this outfit on Polyvore. I die for this comfy chic look! 

 Rachel Zoe & her precious family. I watched the finale last night and of course cried like a baby! I just die for this girl.

Not to toot my own horn but Im' going to my last two OOTD have been some of my favorites and am loving the combos I have created! {go on, laugh at the "self mirror" pictures..I couldn't find anyone to take them}
Scarf: H&M
Sunglasses: BCBG Max Azria
Denim Shirt: Forever21
Grey Shirt: Gap
Leggings: BCBG Max Azria
Shoes: Keds

Tuesday's work outfit
Striped Top: BCBG Max Azria
Suede Vest: BCBG Max Azria
Leggings: BCBG Max Azria
{notice a theme yet?}
Boots: Elle {Kroger}
Holiday Polish!
Holiday Polish! I have started to notice all the shimmers and glitters in store and I'm SO excited! 

This is what I'm loving the most! Mcdonald's started carrying peppermint hot chocolate and peppermint Mocha's. Best part: They are way cheaper than starbucks {shocking!} and just as good, if not better. Holllla. I know what I will be sipping on my early mornings from now until Christmas. 

I'm loving how excited I am about my new job and CAN NOT wait to start! 

What are ya'll loving today?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What ya got in that bag of yours?

Happy Tuesday! I mean I know it is only Tuesday, but I feel like this week is flying by! Probably because I have exactly 423890234098098 things to do. 

I couldn't come up with a better topic on my own to blog about so I thought I would do one I had seen before. You know the one where a girl shows you her deepest and darkest secrets purse and all of the goodies she carries with at all times. 

I've never been known to carry a "small" purse. My dad constantly worries about me tearing all the muscles in my shoulder from carrying such a large bag. The purse {suitcase} I'm carrying now is one I have used for almost a year straight. No joke, not changing my purse ONE time. She is a beauty and I got a rather fabulous discount on her at the COACH outlet. Originally 498..psshh I pay 98. Thank you.

Now onto the good stuff...
 Goodies in my bag.
1. way to many tubes of lipstick. I can't help it.. I change my mind all the time on what shade to wear.
2. Coach wallet: holds all my cards, gift cards, cash, endless receipts Drivers liscense..etc.
3. Coach check book holder. Don't know why I carry it. I write one check a month and it is to my dad for all my bills.
4. iphone. duh.
5. Planner: that is rather full you just can't see it due to my not so awesome camera skills.
6. keys: which I lose in my purse at least 14 times a day.
7. extra gum. Gotta be minty fresh at all times.
8. Macbook. Never leave at home without it, it is practically like my child.
9. BCBG sunglasses {favorite pair I own}
10. ONE tea bag. Why I have a tea bag in my purse is beyond me. I don't even really drink tea that much and if I do it is mint flavored. How it got there, million dollar question.

There! You all can go on with your day knowing what I carry in my purse from a day to day basis. 
What do you keep in your bag on a daily basis? 

In other news: I got a new job yesterday that I am VERY excited about. I'm taking an entry level position/AM manager position with a Beauty First, which will soon be Bubbles Beauty. It will be sad to leave BCBG Max Azria, but exciting to enter the cosmetic side of retail. 

Perks: 50% off all salon services (buh bye, roots.) 40% off all other hair care (thank you jesus) and nail polish (OPI, Essie) and 30% off all make up and skin care. It is a win, win!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday


Monday, October 24, 2011

All blk everything

Oh hey there, Monday. 

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was beyond relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Now, onto my title. All blk everything, a little strange right? Well I will explain it. I am barely extremely obsessed with Real Housewives of New Jersey & Albie and Chris Manzo. They started marketing a product called blk water aka blackwater.

It is spring water infused with fulvic acid {which is what makes it black} and it is suppose to be very healthy for you. It tastes like water and has nothing else added to it besides fulvic acid. I did the research {anything Albie Manzo tells me to drink: i will} and one thing it was said to help was migraines. I have had migraines since I was 12. The type that you have to lay in a dark room, ice bag on your forehead kind of migraine. I started drinking blk water a few months ago and I will say my migraines have become very few and far between. I am way more energetic and can tell a difference when I do and do not drink blk water at least once a day. 

Go on, read all about it here

{Nice marketing strategy if you ask me}

Anyway..that's really the only exciting thing I have to blog about. booooorring.

This weekend I was so proud of myself and didn't go out one night and saved a lot of money by not romping around the bars. Instead I spent time with my family and shopping (duh!) 
My parents have season tickets to my favorite NFL team {Cleveland Browns} and we went to the game and had a BLAST. They won (which rarely happen) and it was a gorgeous day! Our season tickets are in club level which is nice because we have tons of good food and full bar. (OK, so I drank ONE day) 

Here are some pictures from our wonderful day!

What did you dolls do this weekend?


Friday, October 21, 2011

SA, anyone?

Hello Dolls! Happy Friday!

SA=Shopping Anonymous.

Lately, I have had a very bad case of shopping. It's been a very hard battle. The aches and pains from carrying all the bags are endless and my feet just hurt from trying on all the shoes. But, someones got to do it, right? 

These are the latest additions to the closet of Kelsey.
beautiful booties
Best part? Only 31.90 buck-a-roos! Katie blogged about the website I bought them on yesterday and I went shoe crazy! I ended up putting 6 pairs in my cart but only bought one. Accessories
I bought this faux fur from Francesca's and these fab gold earrings from Charlotte Russe. The vest looks so expensive and it was only 38 bucks! I had a gift card for 25 so I just felt like I had to!accessories galore!
I bought these fab accessories at Francesca's. A majority of my shopping is done at Francesca's, I just love that store. It will sound cheesy but it is my place to just feel at peace. Go on, call me lame.  

Those are just some of my latest purchases! What are your favorites?

Enjoy the weekend ladies!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Guys, it's ok!

Its Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up with Neely for It's ok Thursday!

Here are my it's oks-

*It's ok that I sat on pinterest for THREE hours today. Yes, you read that: three.
*It's ok that I had a mini and by mini i mean HUGE meltdown last week when I thought all my contacts were deleted from my iphone when I did the update..they were fully recovered: phew.
*It's ok that I've been looking up and maybe taste testing drinks for the holidays. 
Ladies: If you have Holiday parties make this drink..it's delicious!

*It's ok to have a countdown on your phone for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 release. Team Jacob!
*It's also completely ok if you also have a countdown on your phone for J. Bieber's new christmas album. Don't act like you don't.
*It's ok if you just want to lounge around the house all day and do nothing but wach tv and movies. 
*It's ok if when stuck in traffic you blare Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" and sing at the top of your lungs while a hot guy is sitting next to you. 
*It's ok if you rush to Filene's basement because they are closing (GASP) and buy every pair of Betsy Johnson's tights for the upcoming winter.
*It's ok to stuff your face with Chick-Fil-A and chat with your best girlfriend even though you swore you would stop eating fast food the day before.

Last but not least...
*It's ok to forgive others and let go of the past! Worthless drama is so 1990.

What are you ok with today?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, how Pinteresting: The 2 F's..Fashion & Food

Hey ya'll (Yes, I know I'm from Ohio, and say ya'll..always have and always will) I blame it on living out in the country my whole life where we say things such as: ya'll, crick (instead of creek) ..you know proper english.

Anywho, today I'm linking up and doing "Oh, how Pinteresting"

Link up here!

Let's get started..
1. Tone it up- My favorite tone it up girl (check out there workouts here! They are ahmazing...and killer! I wouldn't mind looking like her and having her perfect hair and style. 

Red Lips= Perfection. 

 I would like this outfit in my closet...pronto.

Now...my favorite: FOOD

This salad looks delicious! Reminds me of summer..yumm!

I like pear & i LOVE vodka..so this is a win/win!

What are you pinning this week?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday!

I'm barely making it in time for Top 5 Tuesday! I had a busy day between working and going to the Bluejackets game with my dad and drinking.  whoops!

I'm linking up with the gorg Miss. Rachel from Just Peachy. Go on, check out her blog!

I'm sticking with her theme and giving you my top 5 favorite beauty products!

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

it tends to be rather pricey but it works wonder for my skin! I have rather oily skin and it allows my foundation to last hours and shine free!

2. Physicians Formula Bronzer
This is the best bronzer I've used, and I've tried every single one! It gives me a tid bit of shimmer and color without making me look orange. I don't want to look like Snookie!

3. Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara
Love this mascara because it gives me great volume and longer lashes and doesn't flake or smear!

4. Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner
This is probably my favorite liquid liner. I don't wear eyeliner much but this is my go to. It really is water proof when say water proof and it glides on smoothly and looks a matte shiny..if that makes sense? For the price you can't beat it. Besides, a bottle last months!

5. Smashbox High Definition Foundation & Laura Mercier secret camoflauge cover up.
I couldn't pick between my last two because I love them both so much. I love smashbox foundation because it makes me feel like I'm not wearing hardly any foundation. I'm not much of a make up girl but this gives me great coverage and really does look flawless! 

Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge cover up. I have the darkest circles under my eyes. My doctor says I get it from my mom..thanks mom. This concealer covers those bad boys up and makes me look fresh as a daisy! It also adds some brightness so anytime of the day I look all kinds of perky! 

What are you essential beauty products?


Monday, October 17, 2011

Lipstick Jungle.

Happpy Monday, everyone. 

It was the PERFECT fall day in Ohio and my brother and I decided to bike 20 miles today that was long and most likely killed me.   My legs feel like COMPLETE jello and my knee feels as if it may fall off. It was nice to enjoy riding through the country, but the pain after, not so enjoyable.

But...first, let me explain to you lipstick jungle.

This weekend I was working my little heart out and decided to go out and have fun with my pretty pretty princess friend, katie. I was feeling rather frisky that night (due to a cray cray day) and decided I would wear the following out.
Evening Time!

Yes, that is a leopard print top and bright red lipstick. The top is a sheer shirt from where I work (BCBG Max Azria & the lip stick is Cover Girl's "are you red-y red." 

Final Result:

It's not the best picture but I may have got drunk and looked crazy in the rest  so this one will have to do. 

Have a wonderful evening.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogging 101.

Alright, bloggers, I need help.

These are the following questions I have! Feel free to answer them for me on here or email me (kelseystoker@gmail.com) and explain them into further detail! I really enjoy blogging but feel like I'm missing out on so much because I'm not even really sure what's going on half the time. 

I greatly appreciate all the help!

1. How do I link up with other blogs for certain posts? I.e what I'm loving wednesday, oh how pinteresting..etc.
2. How do I get my pins from pinterest to my blog to display them? How do I put multiple pins on one post? Same goes with polyvore. How do I get more than one set from polyvore from the page to my blog without saving it as a draft?
3. Does anyone have any good recommendations for sites that have templates. I despise the one I have now. I'm looking to make it all snazzy and such!

I appreciate all the help you ladies could provide. I'm sorry for such a boring and bland post on this Friday night. But, I've got Tivo, Reese Cups, and a cosmo calling my name.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Favorite Fall Shows

I was browsing through blogs earlier this morning while I should have been paying attention in class  and saw that this precious little gem emily wrote a post about her favorite shows. So, since I lead such a boring life I decided I would join in on the fun.

I'm a sucker for tv shows. I will watch anything and everything. I love summer with all my heart but I count down the days till my shows enter back into my Tivo universe. 

1. Private Practice: I use to prefer Grey's but now I enjoy private practice so much more. Private Practice also has Taye Diggs shirtless multiple times a scene. Sooo, that's a no brainer. 

2. Gossip Girl: Go on, laugh. I will be the first to admitt it is a terrible show but the outfits and fashion aspect of it keep me interested. 

3. Rachel Zoe: Two Words: I die. 

4. Friday Night Lights: OK, so I know the show isn't on tv anymore but I just finished playing catch up and it is one of the BEST shows I've ever watched. I highly recommending you all add it to your netflix asap. I'm also convinced Tim Riggins is a real person and I will marry him.

5. Big Bang Theory: one of the funniest shows ever! 

What are your favorite fall shows?


Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap.

Happy Monday ya'll!
Good News: I survived my birthday weekend, barely. 
I did in fact sing 50 cent's "gooo shawty it's your birthday.." all weekend long.

Here is a little recap for you.
Friday: Spent ALL day with my best friend that was in town from Texas! We went to my favorite mall in Columbus called Easton and just shopped around and spent some quality time together! Which was super nice! 
Friday Night: let the partaaayyy begin.
Dinner at Cap City.
Followed by one to many slices of VODKA soaked pineapple slices.
Warning: Each slice contains 4 shots of vodka.

nerd alert.
dance off.
partner in crime

Saturday: I was so not hungover and went to the outlets with my mom, cousins and her little boy and was shocked that for once I spent less then 100 bucks! After the outlets I headed over to my aunts and celebrated my birthday, my cousin and uncles birthdays with the whole family. 
I won't even talk about the Buckeyes losing because I will get to upset. 

Sunday: relaxed, slept, relaxed, slept some more. Spent the day with family :)

It was the PEFECT birthday weekend from the gorgeous weather, to all the laughs, to all the dancing I always participated in. My feet STILL hurt. I need to remember my body isn't 21 anymore. sigh.

I hope you all had just as fabulous of weekend as I did