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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday.

FINALLY.. Ohio has decided to bless us with some gorgeous fall weather. I'd like to think it is here because my birthday celebrations start today that just happen to last until Saturday.

1. Forecast for the next few days..cha ching I say.

2. My best friend comes home from Texas today to help me bring in the wonderful age of 24! I haven't seen her since she moved back in August and I can not wait! We are two pea's in a pod..

we are so pretty it hurts.

3. My birthday is in TWO days. Not going to lie turning 24 sounds beyond old to me..but I wasn't a fan of 23 so cheers to you 24, cheers to you.
watch out cbus..
 I'm going to dinner at my FAVORITE restraunt in Columbus with my closest friends and I can't wait! 

4. I found a bunch of old music on my itunes the other day that included the following hits.
1- Sunday Morning: Maroon 5
2- Tearin up my heart: Nsync
3- Mmmbop: Hanson
4- I saw the sign: Ace of Base
5- I just can't wait to be king: Lion King soundtrack
That's just a few..it instantly made my day better..

5. My new boots! My parent's blessed me with an early birthday present and they were the gorgeous boots I've wanted from DSW for months but didn't want to pay199.99  for!

6. David. Gueta's album. Simply amazing. It is a great cd to do your running/cardio with and I listen to it every morning to put a little pep in my step! Download it! You won't be sorry!

What are ya'll loving this Wednesday! Enjoy it :)


1 comment:

  1. SO glad I ran across your site! It's too precious :) and Yay for turning 24! It's not old at all, you're not even at your mid-mid-life crisis point haha



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