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Friday, October 28, 2011


It's ALMOST Halloween WEEEKKKKEENNND!!! Eeeeekkkkk!!!

I'm so excited I can't even begin to tell you! One of my best friends and I are treking to downtown Columbus tonight {Short North} for the famous high ball halloween party! High Ball is beyond fun! The costumes are INSANE! 
Like, blow your mind insane! I will take plenty of pictures to show you guys on Monday! 
I have yet to come up with a costume {procastination at it's finest!}

Of course my friend and I will be pregaming with the following goodies:
*Spiked Jello Jigglers, and by spiked I mean I used an ENTIRE Bottle of vodka for 2 3oz boxes of jello. Whoops.
*Spiked apple cider: with whipped cream vodka..yumm!

My weekend doesn't stop there! Saturday after work, I'm going to leave work and zoom on down to Campus and tailgate and help cheer on my BUCKEYES to a victory over those silly Wisconsin Badgers!

Yesterday one of my favorite little bloggies Emily awarded me with this:

Rules: To list 7 facts about yourself and pass onto 15 other bloggers. I don't have 15 people to pass it along to so bare with me! 
1. I have an older brother who I fight with 9 times out of 10 but love unconditionally
2. My obsession with apple has gotten out of control!
ipod, macbook, ipad, ipod..blah blah blah
3. I'm blessed to have been raised in a household with two parents who after 35 years of marriage still love one another like they did when they were 15!
4. I shop 3 times a week..this. is. not. a. joke.
5. On a daily basis I jam out to Whitney Houston's "I wanna dannnnceee with somebody!" 
6. Figuring out the future and applying to jobs gives me legit anxiety.
7. I'm 100% sarcastic. Sometimes it's entertaining and funny, but other times when others don't get my sarcasm it ends up B-A-D, bad.

With all that being said: I pass the torch onto the following:
Faicita @ About Fais

That's all I got for now! What are your guys' plans for Halloween! 

I hope it's spoooktastic! 



  1. KELSEY...we will be at highball! meet up is necessary!

  2. Text me when you get down there! I think we are heading down around 9ish!

  3. Have a blast this weekend! I can't wait to see pictures. I am 100% sarcastic too and some people just don't get it and think I'm being bitchy....why would I ever be like that?! ;)

  4. Amazing! I love all of these fun facts about you! I can be sarcastic, but I definitely wouldn't say I am 100% of the time. Ready for this? "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" was the FIRST song I purchased back when iTunes first began...oh that seems so long ago.


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