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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where in the world?!

I have lived in Columbus for all 23 years of my life (soon to be 24..gag) and I love everything about Columbus with my whole heart! But, for the last few years I've just felt like there is something bigger and better for me somewhere else. 
I'm studying fashion at school and just feel like I will not be able to expand career wise in Columbus, therefore, I have decided..i will.move. 
I have narrowed my destination to five cities and hopefully if the job god's are in my favor will let me find something within those cities.

1. New York City, NY
This is a given. Anyone that is in LOVE with fashion would want to move here. Don't get me wrong it would be a complete 180 seeing as how the town I grew up in has nothing but corn fields and sometimes  there is more farm equipment on the road than cars! But, it would be a perfect place to start fresh.

2. Boston, MA
Boston is b-e-a-u-tiful. I soley want to live there just because it is so pretty. That's all.

3. Austin, TX
My best friend moved there in August and has fallen in love with this city. I've heard nothing but good things about Austin. Always some kind of music festival (i love music!) I also just really want to move anywhere in Texas because I'm convinced that Tim Riggins from the tv show Friday Night Lights does in fact exist and I would like to marry him. 

4. St. Michaels, MD
My mom was born right outside of St. Michaels and it is my favorite place in the world. It is beyond gorgeous and it is so peaceful and breathtaking. I wouldn't be able to work in a retail corporate office in St. Michaels but all my family lives out this way so it would be worth it. 
Fun Fact: Wedding Crashers was filmed in St. Michael's, MD

5. Chicago, IL
Everyone loves Chitown. So, why wouldn't I want to move there!? AND it's only a 5 hour drive from home and a 45 min plane ride! 

Who knows where I will end up in this world but I can not wait for a new adventure!

In other good news this little gem is coming home from Austin in 6 days to spend my birthday weekend with me! I'm so excited I could cry!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I won! I won!

Well isn't this just an exciting day! I won my first blogger award! yahhhoooo, someone else reads my blog and actually enjoys the things I say :)

Thank you to this little gem she awarded me with this! Ya'll should go visit her blog because she is fabulous!

Now, I must follow the rules and must type fast because my mac keeps sassying me that the battery is low. Get over it battery.

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you the award.
Thank you Just Peachy for giving me an award :) I feel so special now and like I'm slowly but surely becoming a part of this blogging award!
Rule #2: Share seven facts about yourself.
1. I need nail polish anonymous. I buy a new color at least once a week! I know it is insane but I like having the variety of which color I can wear. I mean, I have to have choices for each season..right?!
2. If it was healthy and acceptable I would eat Jeni's ice cream every.single.day. If you live in Columbus, Pittsburgh, or NYC check it out..delicious.
3. Shopping is therapy for me and I feel just like in therapy I shouldn't miss my weekly session. Can't be good for the mind.
4. As soon as I finish school (neveeeerr ending) I will be moving from Ohio. I have no clue where and what I will be doing but I've always felt that there is something bigger and better for me out there.
5. I have the most AMAZING family in the world and will do anything for them, anything.
6. Lion King & Newsies are my favorite movies still. Hi, I'm 23.
7. I'm addicted to fashion magazines. I feel that the more I look at them my style will get better...wishful thinking.
Rule #3: Pass the award onto 15 bloggers that you recently discovered. 
(I only have 14 followers...so we are going to have to settle for 3 kids...and I think that's all my battery life will allow!)
2. Keep Calm & Carry On- special props this girl right here! She is the one who helped me get my blog up and running!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

xoxo; gossip girl.

Yes, that's right I was just caught quoting gossip girl. I won't lie I was devistated when Chuck just let Blair walk away with that silly prince at the end of last season...

If you are wondering, I am in fact 23 and still in love with silly shows. Besides all the socialite drama I really enjoy the fashion within the show. My FAVORITE style icon happens to be the star of the show so that helps! 

Tada, I give you:
Blake Lively.
i WILL wear this outfit for my birthday next weekend!

 For class I recently had to talk about who are my fashion icons and I picked Blake and of course, Lauren Conrad.

Who are your favorite style icons?!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

A girls gotta eat.

Let me just start off by saying: i.love.to.eat. Alll dayyy errrr day.

God blessed me with the wonderful ability to gain weight at a rapid pace so I have to be really careful on what I eat. So, I thought I'd share with ya'll my favorite snacks I eat throughout the day!

I prefer pomegranate in my martini glass but that is not really that healthy, so I'll settle for it in some greek yogurt.
Larabars are heavenly. I really haven't found a flavor I don't like. 
quinoa with unlimited veggies! 
I usually try to eat quinoa for lunch because it fills me up for a few hours and it is SUPER healthy. 

Last but not least my favorite snack EVER.
Take half of an avocado and pit it and sprinkle sunflower seeds on top! Wala! It's delicious! If you are craving something sweet I sometimes just pour a little agave nectar on top!

What are your favorite snacks? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what a wonderful world.

Today will be a short and sweet post. The last few days have made me really sit back and realize how truly lucky that I am. Within the last 24 hours I've got to help open a BRAND new BCBG store from start to finish, my best child hood friend gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby boy AND I got to work backstage at the Express Rock fashion show here in Columbus today and network! Over the weekend I also got to celebrate my friend Katies birthday! It was honestly one of the best nights I've had in a long time! lots of laughs!

I've been down in the dumps one could say lately, and these last 24 hours helped remind me that I am truly blessed, beyond blessed. 

Precious baby Maddux 
AMAZING glass bubble chandeliar installed at BCBG at Crocker Park (my new favorite mall.) 
p.s once it was finished there was a total of 2,200 GLASS BUBBLES! That poor man on the left had to install them by hand..one.by.one. Bless him.
birthday celebrations.

I hope all of you feel just as blessed as I do.


ps- give me a shout on twitter if you wish :) @kelseystoker1

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hair 101.

Hair 101? Well, I must admitt that I am a complete mess when it comes to doing my hair. I don't think I even learned how to braid properly until I was 15. embarrassing.
However, today, I for once mastered a hairstyle I love. A fish tail braid!!! I'm sorry I'm so excited about it but I just love a fish tail braid and thanks to the lovely Lauren Conrad I mastered it all by myself. Check out the super easy tutorial here.

WALA! Fishtail braid. This one is a little messy because I was jammin out to some Miranda Lambert with all my windows down in my car today...but you get the point! 
I didn't cut the top elastic holder like they do in the video because my hair is so thick and heavy it needs that extra support! I just looped an extra strand of hair around the elastic so you can't even see it! 

I also lately have mastered the "beach waves" look after approximately two years. The key: sea salt spray. Who knew? 
I found this works best but it runs 23 bucks a bottle which I think is just way to pricey so I relied on my good friend google to give me a DIY recipe for sea salt spray and of course my dear friend never lets me down! In my opinion the at home recipe works much better.
I tried this one and it worked like a charm. I have natural curly and thicker hair so I don't have to use much. If your hair tends to not hold curl as well it may require more. 
 I just take a 1' curling iron (hot tools works best) and take a strand of hair (around 1' in width) and curl it going the OPPOSITE direction, and continue doing that around the rest of my head. 
Final Result:

It may be only two hairstyles I've perfected. However, when you are hair challenged like me two goes a long way!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fall time is the best time.

If there was a world's worst blogger award..i would win that award in a heartbeat.
But, have no fear. I'm back.

Now, I just want to take a moment and discuss the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I know I'm two days late but still 10 years later it still breaks my heart. 
I remember what I was doing that day, I remember every little detail. I was sitting in my 8th grade science class with Mrs. Hall and my "boyfriend" at the time Ryan was sitting to my right. Mr. Nett, a 7th grade history teacher, came screaming down the halls "THE TOWERS HAVE BEEN HIT! THE TOWERS HAVE BEEN HIT!" I had NO   idea what he was talking about! In my hometown we have two water towers that kids use to go and "hang out" at and we always referred to them as "the towers" so I thought he was talking about those. Then, Mrs. Hall turned on the TV and I saw it. I saw the plane hit the tower and instantly grabbed Ryan's hand. I was 13 at the time, I had no idea what was going on but there in that moment I froze. Moments later I heard about it being a terrorist attack, and then about the Pentagon. My heart dropped. My mother is in direct contact with people in the Pentagon regulary for her job. My heart broke. Mrs. Hall kept us in that room and told us we could leave if we wanted but we were AMERICANS and we DESERVED to know what was going on. I can remember sitting there and just not letting my eyes leave that tv. It was heartbreaking and terrible and 10 years later it is still heartbreaking and terrible. My heart goes out to all. ALWAYS remember and NEVER forget. 

Now, onto much happier things, shall we? I'm sitting on the porch looking at the land my parent's house sits on typing this and it is a GORGEOUS fall day here in Ohio. Fall time really is the best time and I will give you a list on why!

some call it an obsession, I call it a way of life. Even though Saturday they did in fact almost give me a heart attack, they won! Which is all that really matters. AND I got to spend game day with this kid, so all in all..perfect Saturday.

2. Pumpkin Scent Anything & Everything
Candles, air freshners, drinks, etc. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of pumpkin. Currently my room has approxiamlty 3 pumpkin scent candles and I love every minute of it.

i have a soft spot for fall boots. Riding boots, cowboy boots, ugg boots, rain boots. I just love them. I just recently purchased this FABULOUS pair and can't wait to break them it!
4. Dark nail polish.
I stated in an earlier post that I have a SMALL obsession with nail polish. I happen to like dark nail polish much more. Not sure why, just do! These are my fall favorites! Any of these colors of the new ESSIE fall collection are a must have for me!

5. Layered Looks.
I love layering clothes in the fall! Currently today I layered a sheer tan tank, a blousey white top, with an button up (let opened) jean shirt over top! Threw on some black skinnies and paired with tan flats. Fall Perfection I tell ya! 

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday! I'm off to enjoy some wine and food with some great company! 


p.s you can all follow me on twitter! kelseystoker1. I'm sometimes pretty funny on there, and sometimes I'm not!