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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dancing with my Buckeyes!

Happy Friday!
Did this week drag? Or did this week drag?
I've got two important things to talk about and well they are pretty much the same thing..


I know..those are both riveting points to talk about.
I'm not just a die hard Buckeye basketball fan but football fan as well and I know go on, say it: Oh typical girl from Columbus acting like she knows a thing about sports and the Buckeyes. But here is the thing, I actually do know a lot about sports and the team. I can't help that my father blessed me with the sports fanatic gene. My obituary one day will in fact read, cause of death: watching a buckeye sporting event. Sometimes I refuse to watch big games like this in public because I tend to do the following..
1. throw things
2. say the eff word.. a lot
3. cry
4. cuss out anyone else who is rooting for the opposing team.
I never claimed to be a classy Buckeye fan.

Now, there is a reason why being a BUCKEYE fan right now is so great and magical and I will tell you them.

1. Aaron Craft

I'm sorry but hello gorgeous. Not only is he the cutest guy in America but he also just happens to be really good at basketball. Thank goodness Bruce Pearl did some scandalous things over at Tennessee and got fired because that is where Aaron had previously committed to going and then once Bruce got fired he came to OSU. On behalf of Buckeyenation, Thank you Bruce. The kid is a beast defensively. Please, even if you don't love Ohio State just watch him play this weekend you will be impressed.
I sat next to him on the bus a lot this year and he such a sweetheart. He always talked to students and signed autographs even if he had his headphones in he was always polite. 
He was all state in football, basketball AND baseball in high school AND is a pre med major...I think I need to go back to school and get this kid to marry me.

2. Jared Sullinger
Oh hello there Kansas, thanks for playin'. 
Jared is a hometown hero. Played ball at Northland high school here in Columbus and his Senior year only a handful of other colleges even attempted to get him because they knew his hear was with Ohio State {duh.}
It makes want to cry, but, I'm sure this is his last year at Ohio State. He is for sure lottery pick in the NBA draft this year. Which means one thing, he is going to make in rain.

3. Coaching Staff
Play to win.
I don't think Thad Matta gets enough credit sometimes. I mean for crying out loud last year during a game he got so angry at the refs he spit his gum out, put it back in his mouth, and contiuned to yell at the refs some more. I mean, hello, that takes talent kids.
But, seriously, the man can RECRUIT. He recruits constistanly and professionally! Every year the percentage of players we have that go into the NBA and are succesful gets higher and higher.

4. The Fans
Our fans go/dress cray cray during basketball games and I love every minute of it. HOMAGE which is a local tshirt company around here donates all those shirts and they wear these crazy zebra stripe pj pants. But, we do have the best damn fans in the land.
I mean hello, Lebron James comes to our football games?

Now, I know my points are irrelevant. But, seriously please cheer for my bucks. If they win tomorrow they will play in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP which hasn't happened since 2006 and we lost to  that stupid Sunshine State {Florida} and I'm still salty about it.  
I will leave you with this picture and if it doesn't leave you with chills and some Buckeye pride well then I don't know what willl..


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fake it until you make it.

I got to thinking this weekend that this warm weather has done nothing but think of the following things...
1. I drink a lot more when the weather is warmer
2. My trips to the salon for a pedicure are going to have to become more frequent
3. I need more spring clothes
4. I may in fact be paler than Bella Swan

Now, I can handle items 1-3 with no problem. It is number 4 that I have been struggling with! I mean seriously..I am p-a-l-e.
Let's be honest for just a hot second..there is nothing worse than feeling like casper the friendly ghost in the middle of spring. Let's also be honest that us ladies don't like to..
1. shell out the cash-o-la for tanning/pay for a slow death
2. Want to take the time to tan 
3. Spend 25 bucks every week for a spray tan

So, I do none of the above and made good friends with a dear pal named: tan towels.
It is a great relationship I have with little Ms. Tan Towel. She is cheap, productive, and easy to use. 
Now, they come in classic color {which is what I use} or the plus color {which I used once on accident: yikes.}
I have used a lot of self tanning problems and tan towels are the only ones that I have found that actually give a naturally looking tan. You start with the tan folded and work your way down your body, unfolding the tan towel as you. Easy, peasy.
A full body tan towel with cover both legs and your stomach and another will cover chest, face, and arms. I always do my face last because the towel isn't as soaked with tan and won't make your face as powerful {aka chances of being orange are less.}
Now, the key to a fantastic at home tan are the following.
1. exfoliate.
2. apply tan towel & let dry for at least a few hours.
3. moisturize. 

So, if you are looking to fake it until you can make a real tan in the hot summer sun I have just given you very valueable pieces of information. 
You can think me later!

Have a fantastic all you soon to be bronzed beauties-

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The good ole' days.

I can't believe it is already Thursday! This week went by so fast I didn't even have time to think about how fast it went by!

Speaking of time flying by I was going through my laptop the other day and found a folder in iphoto labeled "senior year." 
yikes. uh oh. wowzas. 
Those were all words that popped into my little brain of mine when I saw it! I had not really looked at all the pictures in awhile. Every once in awhile I look at it and sift through a few of them and share a few laughs and then get distracted and move onto something else. However, this time was different. I took the time to sit down and look through all the pictures. All 647 of them.
I now know why my grades slacked senior year, I was to busy taking pictures of anything and everything.
Most people say high school was terrible and blah blah blah. I am the select few who can say I loved every single minute of it. High school was easily the best four years of my life. I'm from a small town where everyone knows everyone and their business. I had known the same people k-12 but yet never got bored with knowing the same people. 
I grew up with the simple type of friends, we hung out around bonfires, drank smirnoff on our porches, and blared country music from our cars driving home from football games. My senior year meant the world to me and I cherish that year to this day. I'm not friends/speak to a lot of those people anymore but still carry all them very near and dear to my heart. Most of us have grown up and moved on with our lives but I still can't help but go back through those pictures and relieve all the good times of high school! Lucky for you guys I've got know shame in showing off my high school pictures. I mean after all, homegirl was a lot skinner back then and was TAN..because that was the cool thing to do. 
Am I the only one who misses football friday nights and throwing parties when your parents were out of town?
badass bitches before state tourny game.
just a typical party time.

 homecoming parade. 
 senior homecoming. i'd die for those skinny arms again.
 football friday nights.
 girls basketball team won state in 2006.
 senior prom. best night ever.
 I may or may not have been banned from chem experiments.

Whether I speak to most of these people on a daily basis or don't it is still nice to go back and remember how much fun we all use to have and how easy we all use to have before we had to grow up :)

Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Trend: Maxi Skirts & Brights.

Happy Wednesday!

I really can't believe we are having another gorgeous day here in Columbus!
It is 76, sunny and ah-ma-zing.

This warm weather has made my happy little butt head over to Easton and Polaris {outdoor malls} here in Columbus and do a lot of shopping and I can't help notice I keep buying two of the same things: maxi skirts & brights.
I own floor length maxi's, cropped maxi's, short maxi's, bright colored accessories, bright colored tops, bright colored everything!

I love wearing maxi's in this warm weather because it allows me to just throw a tank on with them and really focus on pairing it with fabulous accessories! I love bold, chunky accessories and wearing something as simple as a maxi skirt and tank top really allows you to play up both of those. 
Which allows you to play up both brights & accessories: win, win.
Maxi's & Brights

& of course lots of brights..


My closet lately looks so happy and brights and  I can't say that I'm upset about it one bit.
The other day I played up a solid maxi, denim, and print for the day. 

What are some spring trends you are loving so far this spring? Are maxi skirts and brights one of them?

Have a good one-

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Books!

Happy Tuesday!

Do you see this? This is me blogging two days in a row. I'm making improvements.
I'm linking up with Rachel from Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday! 
Now, go on over to her blog and join in on the fun.
Rachel {& her blog} is such a peach!
This week is books and at first I thought to myself, self, this is going to be hard.
I was never really a reader until recently. I usually spent my time in college reading textbooks and when I wasn't doing school work the last thing I wanted to do was read another book!
However, lately {and in the past few years} I have enjoyed a handful of books!

Here it goes..

Just Peachy

1. The Help
This book is just amazing! It is one of the few books that stays true to the movie and really was just touching. I really can't describe the book and how it made me feel. I highly recommend it to everyone!

2. How Starbucks saved my life.

I read this book when I was at OU for book club and loved it. It is a true story about an executive who finds himself divorced and jobless all in a matter of days. It is  a story about how he can't find a job and rebuilds himself through working for Starbucks. It is very inspirational and slightly depressing in some parts because you really do feel bad for the guy but still a great ready, and an easy read.

The five people you meet in Heaven.

I have read this book probably 6 times and I enjoy just as much every time I read it. It is a really good book that makes you stop and think about after life and how you should live and treat people every day. I love Mitch Albom's books!

Classic romantic book! This book is about a group of girls chasing to find the perfect man and the perfect ring! When I read it the first time I wasn't sure how I felt about the book and went back and re read it and fell in love. I think I had sever ADD the first time and couldn't focus, haha. It is just a nice, romantic, light read! LOVE it.

I mean I think every girl loves her some Emily Giffin! I have read all her books and I think I tend to favor this one because I read it first! I love love love the movie and can't wait for the next one to come out! Another good book by her is "Heart of the Matter!"

There! Those are my favorite books!
What are your favorites?

Have a good one-

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day Marathon.

Hello Everyone!
I know I disspeared again. 
Shame on me.

Breaking news: I'm only 24 people away from 100 followers.
I'm already planning the giveaway and if you have any good ideas about what it should be, hit a girlfran up! It took me well over a year to get to 76 so I mean I think i have plenty of time to plan it!

I'm going to brag for a minute: BOTH colleges that I attended {Ohio University (OU! OH YEAH!) & OSU (O-H...) are headed to the SWEET 16!!!! The first time in NCAA history also that 4 Ohio teams are headed to the Sweet 16 (Xavier, OSU, Cincy, and OU.) 
So, take that to all those people who said we only know how to play football.
SO PROUD of my schools!

Ok, proud moment over.

In other news I survived the 10 hour long St. Patty's Day celebration! The little Irish leprechauns blessed us with a gorgeous day in Ohio! It was 76 and sunny! Not a cloud in the sky! It felt like early May and not mid March!
We didn't get to celebrate just St. Patty's Day but Holly's birthday too so it was only the most perfect day!
We started at a mexican place for food & margs {and a shot of tequilla for the birthday girl}
and then headed to Flannagans in Dublin where we did not sit, and I repeat did not sit for a solid 9 hours.
We danced, stood, danced some more, walked, danced some more, stood in line for booze, stood in line for food, and danced some more.
It really was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday and the picture overload begins...now.
all the girls. 

 birthday girl.
 like my stache?
 The lovely Katie & I
 All the ladies at Flannagans!
 Alicia makes a mean cake pop.
 bottoms up birthday girl!
 Priceless. Photo stolen from Alicia.
Birthday celebrations!
box blocking so no one would take our spots up front.
 The Personnel lead singer. Best band ever.
I love Sean.

What did you do for St. Patty's Day? 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Drawing a blank.

This post is what the titles says..

I am drawing a blank and have nothing to blog about.

PLEASE give me ideas.

Have a great day.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Colors {Nails}

Happy Friday, ladies!

Working in a job that allows me to do nothing but stare at nothing but nail polish all day has really got me thinking about some nail polish trends that I have noticed lately and have been la-la-loving.
I'm that girl that tends to wear whatever color on her nails and whenever. 
I don't plan my outfit around my nail color or plan my nail color around the season.
I've been known to rock a bright turqouise in the dead of winter.

So, since I've been oober excited for Spring/Summer I've been loving some pale pinks, tans, and bright colors!
Here is what I'm obsessed with so far.

Zoya: Pandora
 I'm obsessed with this color because it has a hint of shimmer but not to much! Sometimes I have a hard time liking neutrals because I feel like after two days they look blah but this color doesn't because of the hint of shimmer.
Butter London: Tea with the Queen.
Butter London is a newer brand to me and I hadn't ever heard of it until I started working at my current job. However, I have officially am having an affair. I hope OPI doesn't find out and get to mad. 
I would like to refer to this polish as nail polish God. It is the best nail polish for your nails because it is free of the three main ingrediants that are terrible for your nails: Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.
I like this color because it is the PERFECT nude shade. Ya hear that ladies, perfect nude shade. Two coats and it is the perfect I'm not wearing any nail polish color shade. You'll love it.

Pale Pinks
{My favorites}
I'm really diggin the pale pink fad that is goin on right now! I have found that pale pinks look better with shorter round edge nails. 
Essie: A crewed interest.
This is the color I have on my nails now and have had on for about three days! Which in nail polish world is a lot for me. I'm obsessed with it! Once I have a tan {that isn't a tan towel} it will look oh so gorg.
Essie: Fiji
I wore this color all of last spring, and by all of last spring I mean all of last spring. I was able to score another bottle of it and beyond excited. It is a really good mix between a pale/bright pink. Make sense? Didn't think so. It is such a different color and I get soooooo many compliments on it when I wear it!
Add it to your nail polish collection! You will not regret it.

Brights are always a nice way to spruce up an outfit in the spring! I have so many bright color nail polishs it is hard to pick!

Zoya: Charisma
Ladies, this color is my secret weapon, a game changer if you will. It goes on much much brighter than it looks in this bottle. It also goes on matte so you must use a top coat. But, it will just rock yo world. Yup, I'm this obsessed with a color. I will be rockin this on my toesies and fingers alllllll summer long. It screams pool party. 
OPI: Fly
This is a great bright color and will look fantastic with a tan! It always helps with my boring outfits and adds that nice pop of color! I will say it stains my nails even if I use a base coat which really errkkks me! 

What nail polish colors are you loving for spring/summer?
Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Everything is bigger in Texas!

Happy Thursday!
I can't believe tomorrow is Friday! Where did this week go?

This was a rather exciting week for me! Let me recap it for you.
Let's go back to Tuesday at about 1:00pm.
My bestie {Gabby} had sent me an email that Southwest was having a deal on flights and I should take a gander at them! I have been watching stalking  flights since she left in August and every airline has been hovering around 435.00 before taxes and those were with airlines who charge you to check baggage too!
Homegirl ain't got 435.00 bucks to spend. 
Sorry, I love ya Gabby, but that is a lot of Starbucks.
So, I scurried onto Southwest.com and there it was: angel's singing.
I could fly roundtrip for 370.00 bucks! Don't get me wrong that is still expensive!
But, I love love love Southwest and that I don't have to pay for my bags!
I hit book faster than my computer would allow and now my ass is headed to Austin!
I'm so excited to spend four days with her and meet her new friends and this life she has made for herself there. Gabby has fallen in love with Austin and I'm just so excited for quality bonding time with her! 
So, naturally my mind is now racing on what kind of outfits should I pack and what all accessories do I need? How many pairs of shoes can I fit in my carry on and my suitcase? 
I've been messing around with polyvore and trying to find similiar things on there that represent something in my closet to create some looks I could take.
Spring Day
Perfect airport outfit.
Night Out
Outfit for night out at the "square" as Gabby calls it.
Perfect shopping/sight seeing outfit!

texas survival.
And feel like these are all neccessary as well.

Have any of you been to Austin? If so, did ya love it?
Hope you all have had a fabulous week.

Oodles of love

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Braids galore!

Hiii my loves!
How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was just as fabulous as mine!
I got some wonderful friend & family time in this weekend.

A few days ago I blogged briefly about how I was going to be a hair model in a local magazine here in Columbus!
{Columbus Alive}
They approached where I work and said they wanted to do a feature on our stylist and for her to come up with a few different style of braids because she felt that was a really big trend right now.
I tend to agree with her. Seems like everywhere I go someone is rockin a braid.
I've been known to rock a fishtail braid or loose braid every once in awhile.
These are the few she came up with.

Ladies & Gents..
This was the winner.

4 step braid.

There is the master piece. 
Ok, yes, I know sista has got some major roots going on. 
Since then they have been fixed.
Thank you hair gods.

My homegirl Alicia blogged about this already and I needed something to blog about today so I wasn't a blog slacker.
I'm such a blogger thief.
But, seriously it was a really cool experience. Even though I do not have one shot of my face in the article {although I do get a slight cheek shot..I'm sure maybelline will be calling soon} it was kind of weird!
They had cameras and flashes and these hoods to eliminate lighting if needed.
It was very exhausting to say the least, and it took me days to recover!
I mean I'm sure if you would like I can get you a copy of the magazine and autograph it for you.
I'm sure one day it will be worth at least 50 cents.
{side note: the magazine is free to the puble.}
I'm TOTALLY kidding people.

If you want to read the full article and try it out here is the link!
I will say I have shoulder length hair and I think that is what it will work best on.
I for one have zero patience and talent to recreate this braid, but, if you do PUHLEASE show me pictures so I can show the stylist who created this masterpiece. 
That would make her day!

Do you guys agree with the article? Do you think braids are still trendy?

Oodles of love.