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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Braids galore!

Hiii my loves!
How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was just as fabulous as mine!
I got some wonderful friend & family time in this weekend.

A few days ago I blogged briefly about how I was going to be a hair model in a local magazine here in Columbus!
{Columbus Alive}
They approached where I work and said they wanted to do a feature on our stylist and for her to come up with a few different style of braids because she felt that was a really big trend right now.
I tend to agree with her. Seems like everywhere I go someone is rockin a braid.
I've been known to rock a fishtail braid or loose braid every once in awhile.
These are the few she came up with.

Ladies & Gents..
This was the winner.

4 step braid.

There is the master piece. 
Ok, yes, I know sista has got some major roots going on. 
Since then they have been fixed.
Thank you hair gods.

My homegirl Alicia blogged about this already and I needed something to blog about today so I wasn't a blog slacker.
I'm such a blogger thief.
But, seriously it was a really cool experience. Even though I do not have one shot of my face in the article {although I do get a slight cheek shot..I'm sure maybelline will be calling soon} it was kind of weird!
They had cameras and flashes and these hoods to eliminate lighting if needed.
It was very exhausting to say the least, and it took me days to recover!
I mean I'm sure if you would like I can get you a copy of the magazine and autograph it for you.
I'm sure one day it will be worth at least 50 cents.
{side note: the magazine is free to the puble.}
I'm TOTALLY kidding people.

If you want to read the full article and try it out here is the link!
I will say I have shoulder length hair and I think that is what it will work best on.
I for one have zero patience and talent to recreate this braid, but, if you do PUHLEASE show me pictures so I can show the stylist who created this masterpiece. 
That would make her day!

Do you guys agree with the article? Do you think braids are still trendy?

Oodles of love.


  1. I absolutely love braids... I always have, so I'm glad their are popular right now! I do a lot of different ones, but I'm going to have to attempt some of those styles! I liked 'em all!

  2. i love braids since they're such a quick way to make boring hair cute! the fishtail braid is prob my favorite right now :)


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