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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Everything is bigger in Texas!

Happy Thursday!
I can't believe tomorrow is Friday! Where did this week go?

This was a rather exciting week for me! Let me recap it for you.
Let's go back to Tuesday at about 1:00pm.
My bestie {Gabby} had sent me an email that Southwest was having a deal on flights and I should take a gander at them! I have been watching stalking  flights since she left in August and every airline has been hovering around 435.00 before taxes and those were with airlines who charge you to check baggage too!
Homegirl ain't got 435.00 bucks to spend. 
Sorry, I love ya Gabby, but that is a lot of Starbucks.
So, I scurried onto Southwest.com and there it was: angel's singing.
I could fly roundtrip for 370.00 bucks! Don't get me wrong that is still expensive!
But, I love love love Southwest and that I don't have to pay for my bags!
I hit book faster than my computer would allow and now my ass is headed to Austin!
I'm so excited to spend four days with her and meet her new friends and this life she has made for herself there. Gabby has fallen in love with Austin and I'm just so excited for quality bonding time with her! 
So, naturally my mind is now racing on what kind of outfits should I pack and what all accessories do I need? How many pairs of shoes can I fit in my carry on and my suitcase? 
I've been messing around with polyvore and trying to find similiar things on there that represent something in my closet to create some looks I could take.
Spring Day
Perfect airport outfit.
Night Out
Outfit for night out at the "square" as Gabby calls it.
Perfect shopping/sight seeing outfit!

texas survival.
And feel like these are all neccessary as well.

Have any of you been to Austin? If so, did ya love it?
Hope you all have had a fabulous week.

Oodles of love


  1. Southwest is the best!!!! Have fun!!!!

  2. I travel to Austin all the time for work and I LOVE IT!


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