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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dancing with my Buckeyes!

Happy Friday!
Did this week drag? Or did this week drag?
I've got two important things to talk about and well they are pretty much the same thing..


I know..those are both riveting points to talk about.
I'm not just a die hard Buckeye basketball fan but football fan as well and I know go on, say it: Oh typical girl from Columbus acting like she knows a thing about sports and the Buckeyes. But here is the thing, I actually do know a lot about sports and the team. I can't help that my father blessed me with the sports fanatic gene. My obituary one day will in fact read, cause of death: watching a buckeye sporting event. Sometimes I refuse to watch big games like this in public because I tend to do the following..
1. throw things
2. say the eff word.. a lot
3. cry
4. cuss out anyone else who is rooting for the opposing team.
I never claimed to be a classy Buckeye fan.

Now, there is a reason why being a BUCKEYE fan right now is so great and magical and I will tell you them.

1. Aaron Craft

I'm sorry but hello gorgeous. Not only is he the cutest guy in America but he also just happens to be really good at basketball. Thank goodness Bruce Pearl did some scandalous things over at Tennessee and got fired because that is where Aaron had previously committed to going and then once Bruce got fired he came to OSU. On behalf of Buckeyenation, Thank you Bruce. The kid is a beast defensively. Please, even if you don't love Ohio State just watch him play this weekend you will be impressed.
I sat next to him on the bus a lot this year and he such a sweetheart. He always talked to students and signed autographs even if he had his headphones in he was always polite. 
He was all state in football, basketball AND baseball in high school AND is a pre med major...I think I need to go back to school and get this kid to marry me.

2. Jared Sullinger
Oh hello there Kansas, thanks for playin'. 
Jared is a hometown hero. Played ball at Northland high school here in Columbus and his Senior year only a handful of other colleges even attempted to get him because they knew his hear was with Ohio State {duh.}
It makes want to cry, but, I'm sure this is his last year at Ohio State. He is for sure lottery pick in the NBA draft this year. Which means one thing, he is going to make in rain.

3. Coaching Staff
Play to win.
I don't think Thad Matta gets enough credit sometimes. I mean for crying out loud last year during a game he got so angry at the refs he spit his gum out, put it back in his mouth, and contiuned to yell at the refs some more. I mean, hello, that takes talent kids.
But, seriously, the man can RECRUIT. He recruits constistanly and professionally! Every year the percentage of players we have that go into the NBA and are succesful gets higher and higher.

4. The Fans
Our fans go/dress cray cray during basketball games and I love every minute of it. HOMAGE which is a local tshirt company around here donates all those shirts and they wear these crazy zebra stripe pj pants. But, we do have the best damn fans in the land.
I mean hello, Lebron James comes to our football games?

Now, I know my points are irrelevant. But, seriously please cheer for my bucks. If they win tomorrow they will play in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP which hasn't happened since 2006 and we lost to  that stupid Sunshine State {Florida} and I'm still salty about it.  
I will leave you with this picture and if it doesn't leave you with chills and some Buckeye pride well then I don't know what willl..



  1. I'm cheering for 'em too! :) I love a girl who loves sports as much as me!!! GO YOU! :)

  2. I completely missed this wonderful post.
    FYI-even though we lost...this is still the best blog post I have ever seen.
    Aaron Craft is from my hometown. I've hung out with the same group as him. Does that make me cool? I think so. He comes to my work all summer long, and I always give him free ice cream. Makes me even cooler. And Sullinger-Straight up sexy. that's all! :)
    Have a great week. Next year--We will win. fact.


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