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Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap {Heartbreak} Version.

Happy Monday, ladies.

How was your weekend? What did you do? 
Did you shout, cry, and curl up in the fetal position as you watch your beloved Buckeyes piss away a 13 point lead to the Kansas Jayhawks and not make it to the National Championship? 
Oh no? You didn't? Guess that was just me..
{I promise I was super excited for the game at one point.}
I know I'm a sore loser but they had it, oh so close. They made it so much farther than anyone thought they were going to make it and it was just heartbreaking to watch them lose, heartbreaking.
However, Aaron Craft said he is coming back next year so that instantly made me feel better.

moving on.

Luckily one of the best cover bands eva was playing at a local bar was playing that allowed me to take my mind off the game for a few hours.
I'm not sure if it was the band or the vodka and soda's I was drinking that did but we will go with the band.
{The Personnel}

By the time Sunday my hangover rolled around I was just plain exhausted. I thought it would be best to cure the hangover with a little shopping and running errands.
Bad idea. I repeat bad idea.
About an hour into the shopping trip I realized I may either pass out or throw up and lets be serious I didn't want to be that girl. 
I packed up my belongings and came home to soak up some sun on the back patio and enjoy the sunshine and scene in my parents backyard.
Took this picture using the Hipstamic app {obsessed with} and spent a majority of the day playing with the settings.

There you have my very random weekend recap!



  1. Your hair is super cute in that picture!

  2. Ahhh, sounds like I missed a slammin' weekend. :( Personnel groupie for life yo.

  3. I was at a packed to the brim bar with my best friend when the Buckeye's lost, it totally killed the mood ha but there's always next year right!?

    Ps: I agree with Michelle P, your hair looks precious in that picture!

  4. I was rooting for the Bucks as well- can't believe they couldn't pull it off! :(

    Glad you still had a fun weekend & didn't throw up at the mall!

  5. Kels, I love your hair. I really do think you were a beauty school dropout at some point in another life... :)

    Miss you girlie.


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