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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{If I could}: I would.

I feel like I start every post lately with the following:
"I'm baaaaaaaacccckkkk."

I know the last time I wrote all of you I told you I was taking a break from blogging and I still am but however I felt like I needed to maybe dip my toes back in the water. Life over here at crazy town has been just that, 100% crazy.

I tend not to get very personal on my blog just because I'm not sure how I would handle the reaction I would get from everyone but I signed up to blog about me and I can't stop blogging just because I'm not sharing everything. 

So, here it goes. 

If I could I would..
find a cure for alzheimers so my grandma wouldn't have to go through what she is going through.
If I could I would..
be stronger through this transition with my grandma.
If I could I would..
find a cure for cancer so everyone I know right now that has it didn't have to suffer and no one else would have to suffer.
If I could I would..
have never stayed in a toxic relationship for four years.
If I could I would..
never have taken him back the first time he cheated so I didn't have to deal with this pain I feel now.
{surprise: never shared all of this!}
If I could I would..
find my dream job, and stat. 
If I could I would..
talk all day only using emojicons. 
If I could I would..
run six miles everyday. 
{Ok, lets be real I wouldn't do that.}
If I could I would..
go back and never transferred home from OU.
If I could I would..
go to the airport, look at the departure board, pick a place and just go.
If I could I would..
find a teaching job for my brother at a school that he truly loves.
If I could I would..
pay my parents back every cent they have ever spent on me to give me this wonderful life I have.
If I could I would..
make my little cousins stay this age forever so they don't get any bigger.
If I could I would..
allow Ohio State to win every national championship and Big 10 championship every year.
If I could I would..
be able to teleport to Texas anytime that I wanted.
If I could I would..
go around and rap to rap songs all day, errrr day.

Phew! That felt all nice to get off of my chest! 
I'm sure you all will enjoy that suzy sunshine attitude!
Hopefully, I'll be back in action soon!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm leavin' on a jet plane.

Happy Thursday!

It's been a hot second {again.} I'm going to take a little break from the blogging world while some personal issues in the wold of mine sort them self out!
Don't worry I'll be back in a jiffy..

But, for now..

I'm leaving on a jet plane and never coming back.
ok I kid I'll be back Monday.

My happy little butt is typing this at the airport as I anxiously await to board my plane to see my best friend in TEXAS! 
This trip could not have come at a better time! 
Here is to hoping I survive the next five days of : sun, tequilla, bestie time, vodka, dancing, and whatever adventures we find ourselves getting into. 

I can't wait {and I'm sure you will be on the edges of your seats} to hear about my trip when I return. 

Have a fantastic rest of the week & weekend.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!!

I just would like to start off by saying if I see one more post about Kentucky winning the National Championship I will in fact throw up, and I'm not saying that because my beloved Buckeyes lost.
I mean I feel like everyone is all the sudden a Kentucky fan. Yes, I know there are the select {true} wildcat fans but good lord all mighty they have come out of the woodwork in the past 24 hours. I mean it may in fact be worse then the Steeler bandwagon fans.
sidenote: i hate the pittsburgh steelers.

Anywho..moving onto more important things! Today is Top 5 Tuesday with the lovely Rachel and today's topic is 5 make up products you can't live without! Go on over to her page and link up on the fun! 
Go on..NOW.
Just Peachy

1. Concealer
I was blessed the dark circle gene from my mother {thanks, ma!} and have tried every concealer under the sun, literally. I have paid anywhere from $15-$45 for concealer and well, this one just takes the cake.
Total cost: $1.00
It is a tone correcting concealer so it helps cut out the deep purple underneath my eye and a little bit really does cover nicely. I mean, seriously people, ONE DOLLER.

2. Mascara
I probably have six different tubes of mascara sitting in my make up bag and this is the only one I use. I really like this one because it gives good volume but doesn't clump, and lasts all day without flaking off. I call that a win, win.

3. Matte Bare Minerals Foundation
I use to wear bare minerals for years and years and then one day I just decided I was over it and wanted to try foundation. However, a few weeks ago I ran out of foundation and all my mom had was her bare minerals and I fell in love with all over again and started using it again. I love the matte version because I have an oily skin type and this doesn't get shiny throughout the day and the coverage is fabulous.

4. Nars Orgasm Blush
Oh shocking, a 20 something girl blogging about the blush color she uses and it's Nars Orgasm. I feel like everyone and their brother and sister use this color and I'm ok with that. I love it because it has a perfect amount of color and shimmer. 

5. Bronzer/Mineral Veil
I just bought this about a week ago and it is a god send. It is bare minerals mineral veil but in a pressed powder form and it is a tinted color/bronzer in one. It gives the perfect amount of bronze but also helps give that flawless finish with bare minerals. Obsessed people, obsessed. 
Once I get a tan I guarantee that I will only be wearing this in the summer!

I wear different eye shadows and mix up my blushes here and there depending on my mood but these are the five things that I can not live without. Somedays I wear eyeliner and somedays I don't. 
But, you will never find me leaving the house without a little bit of foundation and mascara because without those two things homegirl looks a tad frightning!

What are your make up must haves?
Now, go on..link up!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap {Heartbreak} Version.

Happy Monday, ladies.

How was your weekend? What did you do? 
Did you shout, cry, and curl up in the fetal position as you watch your beloved Buckeyes piss away a 13 point lead to the Kansas Jayhawks and not make it to the National Championship? 
Oh no? You didn't? Guess that was just me..
{I promise I was super excited for the game at one point.}
I know I'm a sore loser but they had it, oh so close. They made it so much farther than anyone thought they were going to make it and it was just heartbreaking to watch them lose, heartbreaking.
However, Aaron Craft said he is coming back next year so that instantly made me feel better.

moving on.

Luckily one of the best cover bands eva was playing at a local bar was playing that allowed me to take my mind off the game for a few hours.
I'm not sure if it was the band or the vodka and soda's I was drinking that did but we will go with the band.
{The Personnel}

By the time Sunday my hangover rolled around I was just plain exhausted. I thought it would be best to cure the hangover with a little shopping and running errands.
Bad idea. I repeat bad idea.
About an hour into the shopping trip I realized I may either pass out or throw up and lets be serious I didn't want to be that girl. 
I packed up my belongings and came home to soak up some sun on the back patio and enjoy the sunshine and scene in my parents backyard.
Took this picture using the Hipstamic app {obsessed with} and spent a majority of the day playing with the settings.

There you have my very random weekend recap!