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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!!

I just would like to start off by saying if I see one more post about Kentucky winning the National Championship I will in fact throw up, and I'm not saying that because my beloved Buckeyes lost.
I mean I feel like everyone is all the sudden a Kentucky fan. Yes, I know there are the select {true} wildcat fans but good lord all mighty they have come out of the woodwork in the past 24 hours. I mean it may in fact be worse then the Steeler bandwagon fans.
sidenote: i hate the pittsburgh steelers.

Anywho..moving onto more important things! Today is Top 5 Tuesday with the lovely Rachel and today's topic is 5 make up products you can't live without! Go on over to her page and link up on the fun! 
Go on..NOW.
Just Peachy

1. Concealer
I was blessed the dark circle gene from my mother {thanks, ma!} and have tried every concealer under the sun, literally. I have paid anywhere from $15-$45 for concealer and well, this one just takes the cake.
Total cost: $1.00
It is a tone correcting concealer so it helps cut out the deep purple underneath my eye and a little bit really does cover nicely. I mean, seriously people, ONE DOLLER.

2. Mascara
I probably have six different tubes of mascara sitting in my make up bag and this is the only one I use. I really like this one because it gives good volume but doesn't clump, and lasts all day without flaking off. I call that a win, win.

3. Matte Bare Minerals Foundation
I use to wear bare minerals for years and years and then one day I just decided I was over it and wanted to try foundation. However, a few weeks ago I ran out of foundation and all my mom had was her bare minerals and I fell in love with all over again and started using it again. I love the matte version because I have an oily skin type and this doesn't get shiny throughout the day and the coverage is fabulous.

4. Nars Orgasm Blush
Oh shocking, a 20 something girl blogging about the blush color she uses and it's Nars Orgasm. I feel like everyone and their brother and sister use this color and I'm ok with that. I love it because it has a perfect amount of color and shimmer. 

5. Bronzer/Mineral Veil
I just bought this about a week ago and it is a god send. It is bare minerals mineral veil but in a pressed powder form and it is a tinted color/bronzer in one. It gives the perfect amount of bronze but also helps give that flawless finish with bare minerals. Obsessed people, obsessed. 
Once I get a tan I guarantee that I will only be wearing this in the summer!

I wear different eye shadows and mix up my blushes here and there depending on my mood but these are the five things that I can not live without. Somedays I wear eyeliner and somedays I don't. 
But, you will never find me leaving the house without a little bit of foundation and mascara because without those two things homegirl looks a tad frightning!

What are your make up must haves?
Now, go on..link up!



  1. I am in desperate need of some good concealer...I also got the dark circle gene from my mother. I had no idea this stuff was any good - thanks for the tip!


  2. Don't worry... I hate Kentucky. Everyone is a "fan" like you said. Sorry no.

    Thanks for linking up! I might start using Bare Minerals again!!

  3. i'm the same way when it comes to baseball! i love my yankees, and i hate it when the red sox bandwagon fans roll around every year.

  4. i love all this great make-up you posted about, i need to try some ASAP! i can never find make-up that i love...i am just horrible in this department!

  5. I loveeee ELF makeup. I never leave Target without buying at least something! And I just went to the Bare Minerals store today to stock up on some more! I love their Mineral Veil too!

  6. Love your blog! Please come check mine out sometime :)

  7. Love your blog! Please come check mine out sometime :)

  8. did you get a new blog design? :) love it!


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