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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fall fashion love.

Well, guess who is back to sucking at blogging?

This girl.

Lately at work we have started to get our pre-fall deliveries {totally spelled that wrong} and it is making me really want to buy fall clothes.

I'm a firm believer that you need a great pair of boots {multiple lengths of course}, a variety of chunky sweaters, lots of scarves, flannel button ups, and great basic buttons ups in a variety of colors and arm lengths.
I enjoy fall clothes I think the best because you have so many more chances to buy basics and really play them up well with accessories, or wear them them plain and by themselves. 

I can not wait to add a few outfits like these to my closet within the next few months.

I love everything about this outfit!
Again, a lot of basics and layering can go a long way.
I would however maybe add a little height to the heel of the boot. Homegirl needs all the height she can get since I'm only 5'2.

I love this necklace as a statement piece, and the shirt is a classic color to have for fall as well.

We don't even need to explain why I need this shirt for fall! 37 days till' Urban takes over, folks.

I die for this look, just die.
Gimme that leather jacket with those boots, pronto.

Now, I'm not wishing away summer by any means. I am just simply stating my love for fall fashion and how much I now have the itch to go shopping. 

What fall fashion items do you look forward to buying?


Friday, July 20, 2012

That time I didn't blog for two weeks.

Oh, hey there.

It's been awhile! I have been so busy between moving into this lil' guy
It got a facelift by roomies while I was on vacation, and yes, that is a picture of a dino that says never forget hanging in our kitchen.

I've also been busy spending all my money on beauties like this during double double at work like this..
I'm in love, and i mean love with those bad boys. These beauties were originally 189.00 and I got them for 63.00! That's right 63.00!!!!!! 

Also, during all of that my roommates slaved over the stove to make dips {lots and lots of dips} in preparation for our housewarming party

..and we 
popped bottles


clearly got a little out of control...


took shots.


and fell like shit the next day and ate anything and everything all day long.

I've also fallen in love with these that the lovely Rachel made/sent me and have been rockin' them since the day I got them!
I mean, how adorable?
I will be rockin' the scarlet and grey one allll football season for my buckeyes. 

So, that is what I've been doing the last two weeks. 
I never said my life was cool and entertaining.
I'm running the color run this weekend with 1000 people and I'm so excited to blog about it on Monday! I hope I get some sweet pictures, if I don't I may cry. 
What have you been doing? What's new? Tell me all about it guys!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Someone who loves vodka just like me.

Hiiiiiii everybody. Today, I am blessing you with {believe it or not} someone who just loves Vodka just as much as me. 
I know, I didn't think it could happen either.

The lovely Katy has an adorable post in store for you. Don't worry I miss you all while I'm off celebrating the 4th with my family.
Yes, we take two days to celebrate this holiday.
Show her some love, ladies. 

Hey Crazy Town Readers!

My name is Whitney and I blog over at Katy Goes Boom. Kelsey put put the call for some guest bloggers while she was out of town and I jumped at the chance. Cuz I have a girl crush on her. A little one.

Anyway, I met Kelsey at Holly's 3rd Bloggiversary Party.
It was a wine tasting....but I LOVE that I'm the only one holding a glass.

As Kelsey and I chatted over the course of the evening we realized we had a bunch in common, so I thought I'd share.

1. Kelsey and I are Buckeye babes. We actually graduated from THE Ohio State University ON THE SAME DAY! We didn't know each other or that until we talked at the party, but we had a good giggle about it. 
 She and I love our school and our teams! I mean, we're amazing and no one can tell us different.

2. Kelsey and I share of a love of da Vodka.
'Nuff said.

3. Kelsey and I both work in the same industry. At the time of the party we were both in jobs that weren't really making us the happiest in terms of our career. The thing about fashion/merchandising/corporate retail, is that you start at the BOTTOM. It is NOT The Devil Wears Prada. You're not getting awesome shiz from the sample closet, there is no miracle fairytale makeover in the third act. Its HARD work. 
Recently though (honestly within weeks of each other), Kelsey and I were both able to start exciting new jobs in our field. You've seen Kelsey talk about her gig at Saks, and I started work as a Merchandise Coordinator at a company here in Columbus. WE HAVE BIG GIRL JOBS. 

And when she get's back from her vacay I'm taking her out to celebrate. With vodka of course.

Isn't she just adorable?!
Can't wait for our vodka date Katy, duh.
Thank you for such a cute post!