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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fake it until you make it.

I got to thinking this weekend that this warm weather has done nothing but think of the following things...
1. I drink a lot more when the weather is warmer
2. My trips to the salon for a pedicure are going to have to become more frequent
3. I need more spring clothes
4. I may in fact be paler than Bella Swan

Now, I can handle items 1-3 with no problem. It is number 4 that I have been struggling with! I mean seriously..I am p-a-l-e.
Let's be honest for just a hot second..there is nothing worse than feeling like casper the friendly ghost in the middle of spring. Let's also be honest that us ladies don't like to..
1. shell out the cash-o-la for tanning/pay for a slow death
2. Want to take the time to tan 
3. Spend 25 bucks every week for a spray tan

So, I do none of the above and made good friends with a dear pal named: tan towels.
It is a great relationship I have with little Ms. Tan Towel. She is cheap, productive, and easy to use. 
Now, they come in classic color {which is what I use} or the plus color {which I used once on accident: yikes.}
I have used a lot of self tanning problems and tan towels are the only ones that I have found that actually give a naturally looking tan. You start with the tan folded and work your way down your body, unfolding the tan towel as you. Easy, peasy.
A full body tan towel with cover both legs and your stomach and another will cover chest, face, and arms. I always do my face last because the towel isn't as soaked with tan and won't make your face as powerful {aka chances of being orange are less.}
Now, the key to a fantastic at home tan are the following.
1. exfoliate.
2. apply tan towel & let dry for at least a few hours.
3. moisturize. 

So, if you are looking to fake it until you can make a real tan in the hot summer sun I have just given you very valueable pieces of information. 
You can think me later!

Have a fantastic all you soon to be bronzed beauties-


  1. I so want to try these. Thank you.


  2. ya i so want to try them as well!


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