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Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Colors {Nails}

Happy Friday, ladies!

Working in a job that allows me to do nothing but stare at nothing but nail polish all day has really got me thinking about some nail polish trends that I have noticed lately and have been la-la-loving.
I'm that girl that tends to wear whatever color on her nails and whenever. 
I don't plan my outfit around my nail color or plan my nail color around the season.
I've been known to rock a bright turqouise in the dead of winter.

So, since I've been oober excited for Spring/Summer I've been loving some pale pinks, tans, and bright colors!
Here is what I'm obsessed with so far.

Zoya: Pandora
 I'm obsessed with this color because it has a hint of shimmer but not to much! Sometimes I have a hard time liking neutrals because I feel like after two days they look blah but this color doesn't because of the hint of shimmer.
Butter London: Tea with the Queen.
Butter London is a newer brand to me and I hadn't ever heard of it until I started working at my current job. However, I have officially am having an affair. I hope OPI doesn't find out and get to mad. 
I would like to refer to this polish as nail polish God. It is the best nail polish for your nails because it is free of the three main ingrediants that are terrible for your nails: Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.
I like this color because it is the PERFECT nude shade. Ya hear that ladies, perfect nude shade. Two coats and it is the perfect I'm not wearing any nail polish color shade. You'll love it.

Pale Pinks
{My favorites}
I'm really diggin the pale pink fad that is goin on right now! I have found that pale pinks look better with shorter round edge nails. 
Essie: A crewed interest.
This is the color I have on my nails now and have had on for about three days! Which in nail polish world is a lot for me. I'm obsessed with it! Once I have a tan {that isn't a tan towel} it will look oh so gorg.
Essie: Fiji
I wore this color all of last spring, and by all of last spring I mean all of last spring. I was able to score another bottle of it and beyond excited. It is a really good mix between a pale/bright pink. Make sense? Didn't think so. It is such a different color and I get soooooo many compliments on it when I wear it!
Add it to your nail polish collection! You will not regret it.

Brights are always a nice way to spruce up an outfit in the spring! I have so many bright color nail polishs it is hard to pick!

Zoya: Charisma
Ladies, this color is my secret weapon, a game changer if you will. It goes on much much brighter than it looks in this bottle. It also goes on matte so you must use a top coat. But, it will just rock yo world. Yup, I'm this obsessed with a color. I will be rockin this on my toesies and fingers alllllll summer long. It screams pool party. 
OPI: Fly
This is a great bright color and will look fantastic with a tan! It always helps with my boring outfits and adds that nice pop of color! I will say it stains my nails even if I use a base coat which really errkkks me! 

What nail polish colors are you loving for spring/summer?
Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Glad I'm not the only one who wears any color at any time! :) I love mixing it up!

    Never heard of butter london though- is it sold in specific stores?!

  2. I kind of have a little obsession with nail polish! I LOVE Butter London, and anything Essie is A-OK with me :) My fave neutral is Ballet Slippers by Essie, and my favorite "bright" pink is Watermelon by Essie. I stepped out of my box a few times last year and painted my toes with Mint Candy Apple by Essie and it was definitely FUN!


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