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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The time I got engaged & What I'm loving.

Just kidding.
My homegirl Natasha and her precious boyfriend got engaged a few days ago and her ring is b-e-a-utiful and I hijacked and wore it for a few minutes pretending it was mine.

Isn't it a beauty?
I'm completely jealous.

People, its been a slow day here at work so far.
So, I apologize for such a snooze fest.

Fine, I'll participate in What I'm loving in Wednesday so I don't lose followers.

I'm linking up with Jamie this week even though I can't get the image to show up on my blog. 
Blogger problems.

This week I am loving...

That yesterday I spelled at least 6 things wrong on my blog yesterday...whoops.

Oribe Hair Care Products
This is a line we carry at work and I am beyond obsessed with it.
The scent, the way it makes my hair shine.
Try it, I dare you.

Love this outfit.
I will be making this all summer long.
It's got wine, fresca and fruit. All of my favorites!

The Vow. 
Thursday I am going with my favorites girls...yay!

I die for these stemless wine glasses.

Mostly I am loving all of the relationships I've built these last few months from blogging, twitter, and facebook.
Gotta love social media.

I'm also loving that I applied for a PR position and am really hoping I get called for an interview!
*fingers crossed*

What are you loving?



  1. What a pretty ring! And I love that outfit

  2. that is an amazingly beautiful ring!!

    i just saw "the vow" yesterday and love it :)

  3. Pink blazer!! Still in love with your hair.

    I'll be praying for you to get a call for an interview!! :)

    I hope you love the Vow. I did!

  4. I am crossing my fingers for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous outfit!! I love the dress. Good luck!!!

  6. OMG! I've been away from my blog for a bit and when I saw your headline I was like "YESSSSS!" Haha...I had a small happy heart attack before reading that you were just kidding. I miss you and your blog! I hope you get that job girl! Fingers crossed!


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