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Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome to Club Paradise.

Happy Friday Errrbody.

Welcome to Club Paradise.
That is my homeboy, drizzy drake.

I had the pleasure of going to his concert last Saturday and since I had nothing else to babble on about today I thought I would blog about that.
I went with to his concert with my friend Jess {for her birthday} and it was a blast.
I'm not usually a fan of rap concerts but it was actually really good.
He did a really good job of interacting with the crowd but not much. I hate when artists talk way to much and perform to little. Drake is actually a really funny guy. 
I'm pretty sure at one point he was extremely intoxicated, which is a-ok with me. 
He took his shirt off at one point. 
So, I was sold.

{Erica, Me, Jess}

{Birthday Girl}


Between crashing a birthday partay before hand and hitching a hide with a complete stranger to the venue. Don't worry he turned out to be a very nice 19 year old civil engineer major. Jess falling in the middle of the street to hail a cab, and ripping her favorite J. Brand jeans. It was such a fun night.
Drake is one of my favorite rappers and when he sang "Motto" & "Headlines" I may or may not have been that crazy girl rapping every single line and dancing like a complete idiot. 

Today I am spending my day off with this adorable little thing.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I freaking love Drake. So jealous!

  2. I would of danced crazy white girl style to Motto and Headlines too! So jealous you got to see him in concert! Except whenever I see him all I can think of is wheel chair Jimmy from Degrassi.


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