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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Good evening ladies!
How is everyone? How was your day?

Today was a rather odd day for me. 
This might be a rather lengthy post, and for that I apologize in advance.

Today started off like any other day for me. I got up brushed my teeth, picked out my outfit, blah blah blah.

But, something felt different, felt off. I thought about it for a few minutes and instantly went to my planner to see if I had over slept and missed an appointment. Called my mother to see if there was something I missed. 

Nope. Nothing. 

I went about my entire day feeling off and exhausted myself trying to figure out what I was forgetting.
I brushed it off and thought nothing of it. 

Then, it hit me.

"Hey kels, happy life day!" I heard my dad say.
There it was. I looked at my calendar one more time and saw it, February 2.

February 2, 2009 instantly flashed into my head. 

I had a doctor's appointment at 8:00am and my doctor was running extremely late and didn't even see me until 9:15. 
9:30am: I called my mom to tell her my appointment went well.
9:35am: Checked my blackberry and laughed at all the picture comments friends were leaving from our drunken weekend adventures.
9:52am: Called my grandma to let her know how my appointment went and remember the last thing I said: "Oh shit!"
9:55am: CRASH. 

 I remember coming to it and seeing my windshield shattered, my airbag deployed, my seat belt laying on my floor, and my steering wheel was sitting in my lap.
Oh my god. Shit. What the hell.
All thoughts that were running inside my head. The next thing I did was wiggle my toes and fingers to see if I could feel them, then looked into my rear view mirror to see if I was bleeding or anything on my face. Next thing I know an old lady is holding my hand through my window and saying "it's ok hunny, I'm here praying for you." 
She hands me a phone and I called my mom {I don't remember this at all} and was screaming. 
When my steering wheel snapped it got my pants caught into it and I couldn't get loose. Since my airbags deployed it smelled like smoke, burnt skin. 
Instantly, I flipped out. 
I started screaming "MOM! I'm on fire..help." 
But, I wasn't clearly on fire it just smelled like it from the airbags and burnt metal from my car. 
After that it was all a blur. I went in and out of it. I had to be physically cut out of my car and covered with a fire blanket to protect myself from the glass and sparks from the jaws of life. 

Worst part of the day: seeing my dad driving up to my accident running towards my car and having cops have to hold him back. I was scared and confused and I just wanted my dad to tell me I would be ok. Seeing the fear on his face and tears in his eyes made me freak out. I didn't know how bad the accident was or how bad it looked until I saw his face. 

I went to the hospital and got checked out. I walked away with two banged up knees and some scratches on my knee caps. The nurses and doctors were shocked that my airbags deployed {my car was a 97' civic.} They were also shocked that I didn't have any facial bruising or that I didn't break my nose. My seatbelt from the force literally got detached from my car so I didn't have any bruising across my chest.

Someone. Something. Saved me.

I didn't have a seat belt to hold me into my car and yet I somehow stayed put in my car. 
I stayed perfectly in place in my seat, barely even budging.

I later had to have reconstructive knee surgery to fix all the damage it caused from the accident. I couldn't walk for 9 weeks and had to do physical therapy for an entire year, 2-4 times a week.
But, I didn't once complain. Because, I reminded myself that I am lucky to even be alive to be walking.

I don't know what saved me that day. I don't know what kept me inside my car and kept me safe.
I won't ever know. 

So, when my dad said happy life day it dawned on me: this is why I feel off today.
For 10 minutes my parents and I reflected on it and talked about how lucky I truly was and how hard it was for them to drive up onto the actual accident and see me being helpless and in pain.

So, I'm thankful for this day and I'm thankful for whatever made me live past 2-2-2009.
It helps remind me that everyday should be happy life day.

So, to all of you: happy life day.



  1. This could quite possibly be my favorite post of all time in the entire history of the internet. I am SO grateful for you being saved that day! I have loved getting to know you and forming this lovely friendship we have!!! You really do bring happiness to my life and I am so glad I've had this opportunity! :) :) And this made me tear up. Especially the part about your dad!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Wow, Kels...what a story. I'm glad that you're okay and that everything turned out okay in the end. Happy life day for sure!


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