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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its ok!

Hiii everyone!

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "How is it Thursday?"
But, I instantly decided I was excited it was Thursday because I get to see "The Vow" tonight with some fabulous ladies.
I hear Channing shows his backside...hooolllaaa.

I'm linking with Neely for "It's ok Thursday!" 
I love this link up because usually by this point in the week I'm ready to vent and it is a perfect outlet.

So, here it goes.

Its Ok Thursdays

*It's ok that I haven't been running much this week because my knee is back to hating me and has been swelling up the first few steps of my run..
Hello another knee surgery..

*It's ok that I have been rapping/singing to Drake 24/7 to fully prepare for his concert this weekend.
Homegirl loves her some Drake.

*It's ok that I have painted my nails 5 times already this week.

*It's ok that I bought myself multiple Valentines Dy gifts this year.

*It's ok that I'm blogging while on my lunch break from work.

*It's ok that I've been obsessing over SATC and finishing all 6 seasons.

*It's ok that I had a milkshake for lunch today. It tasted oh so good.

*It's ok that I didn't wash my hair this morning.
Go on, judge me, it's fine.

*It's ok that I miss my best friend like whoa.

What are you ok with today?



  1. you sure do get to see sexy channing's tush :) it is a great movie too!

    a milkshake sounds like the perfect lunch!

  2. we are soulmates for sure because I have been missing you like cray cray. Please come visit me soon, and when you come just bring everything you own and stay. i love you!

  3. Ugh, sometimes you just NEED a milkshake for lunch! Or dinner!

  4. Girl, I'm just blogstalking, it's what I do because I am single.

    And I gotta say, I approve of your navy nails, guess who has navy nails right now??? this girl. I'm sorry I told you that, but it's ok.

    About those Steelers. i lived in PA for two years, its not a football team, its a religon. I understand not to mess with it.

    It's ok that I'm blog stalking, I feel good about it.


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