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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Guys, it's ok!

Its Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up with Neely for It's ok Thursday!

Here are my it's oks-

*It's ok that I sat on pinterest for THREE hours today. Yes, you read that: three.
*It's ok that I had a mini and by mini i mean HUGE meltdown last week when I thought all my contacts were deleted from my iphone when I did the update..they were fully recovered: phew.
*It's ok that I've been looking up and maybe taste testing drinks for the holidays. 
Ladies: If you have Holiday parties make this drink..it's delicious!

*It's ok to have a countdown on your phone for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 release. Team Jacob!
*It's also completely ok if you also have a countdown on your phone for J. Bieber's new christmas album. Don't act like you don't.
*It's ok if you just want to lounge around the house all day and do nothing but wach tv and movies. 
*It's ok if when stuck in traffic you blare Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" and sing at the top of your lungs while a hot guy is sitting next to you. 
*It's ok if you rush to Filene's basement because they are closing (GASP) and buy every pair of Betsy Johnson's tights for the upcoming winter.
*It's ok to stuff your face with Chick-Fil-A and chat with your best girlfriend even though you swore you would stop eating fast food the day before.

Last but not least...
*It's ok to forgive others and let go of the past! Worthless drama is so 1990.

What are you ok with today?



  1. We are one in the same. Pinterest is going to make me fail my classes haha. I am always on it. I have the app on my iphone and it just makes things worse! I can't wait to lounge around and do nothing tomorrow and I am notorious for belting out songs in the car, only to look over and see people staring! Happy Thursday! xo

  2. Okay, sadly I didn't know Biebs was coming out with a Christmas album.. howw did I not know this? And this may be random but the Filene's Basement mention reminded me.. I really want to go shopping with you sometime. haha :)

  3. Emily- I agree..my class is 4 times a week at 8am..and pinterest is always wayyyy more interesting! Who needs to pass when you have the most amazing boards on pinterest, right?
    Rachel- The biebs is def coming out with a christmas album..nov 1st to be exact. I've seen people on blogs before have virtual shopping dates since they don't live in the same state...we should soo do it!


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