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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's ok!

Hiiiii Ladies! I'm linking up with Neely for "It's ok Thursday!"
Its Ok Thursdays

This is what I'm ok with today..

*I'm ok with being a very calm scaredy cat individual while my parents are out rompin' around Las Vegas and I'm just sitting at home looking out the window every 5 minutes making sure the boogey man isn't going to capture me. {Hi, I'm 24 and STILL scared of the dark!}
*I'm ok with not dressing up for Hallowee, but instead sitting at home with one of my besties drinking spiked apple cider AND spiked jello jigglers. Um, hello! How can this NOT be a good time!
*I'm ok with having 4 cups of coffee today to try to perk up from my late night last night.
*I'm ok with watching "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" 4 times. I actually don't even care for hate Kris Humpheries and Kim is my least favorite, but just watch it because I love how cray cray Kourtney and Khloe are.
*I'm ok with already planning how I'm going to spend my paycheck this weekend.
*I'm ok with already having a two page list {yes, two pages} of beauty products & nail polish I will purchase at my new job.

I have had a very good week this week! So, I'm ok with a lot of things!

What are ya'll ok with!? 



  1. It definitely IS ok to act that way while home alone...I won't even answer the phone!
    Where/what is your new job?

  2. I am such a scaredy cat.... HUGE actually! I'm so afraid when I'm home alone. I won't leave my room!


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