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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What ya got in that bag of yours?

Happy Tuesday! I mean I know it is only Tuesday, but I feel like this week is flying by! Probably because I have exactly 423890234098098 things to do. 

I couldn't come up with a better topic on my own to blog about so I thought I would do one I had seen before. You know the one where a girl shows you her deepest and darkest secrets purse and all of the goodies she carries with at all times. 

I've never been known to carry a "small" purse. My dad constantly worries about me tearing all the muscles in my shoulder from carrying such a large bag. The purse {suitcase} I'm carrying now is one I have used for almost a year straight. No joke, not changing my purse ONE time. She is a beauty and I got a rather fabulous discount on her at the COACH outlet. Originally 498..psshh I pay 98. Thank you.

Now onto the good stuff...
 Goodies in my bag.
1. way to many tubes of lipstick. I can't help it.. I change my mind all the time on what shade to wear.
2. Coach wallet: holds all my cards, gift cards, cash, endless receipts Drivers liscense..etc.
3. Coach check book holder. Don't know why I carry it. I write one check a month and it is to my dad for all my bills.
4. iphone. duh.
5. Planner: that is rather full you just can't see it due to my not so awesome camera skills.
6. keys: which I lose in my purse at least 14 times a day.
7. extra gum. Gotta be minty fresh at all times.
8. Macbook. Never leave at home without it, it is practically like my child.
9. BCBG sunglasses {favorite pair I own}
10. ONE tea bag. Why I have a tea bag in my purse is beyond me. I don't even really drink tea that much and if I do it is mint flavored. How it got there, million dollar question.

There! You all can go on with your day knowing what I carry in my purse from a day to day basis. 
What do you keep in your bag on a daily basis? 

In other news: I got a new job yesterday that I am VERY excited about. I'm taking an entry level position/AM manager position with a Beauty First, which will soon be Bubbles Beauty. It will be sad to leave BCBG Max Azria, but exciting to enter the cosmetic side of retail. 

Perks: 50% off all salon services (buh bye, roots.) 40% off all other hair care (thank you jesus) and nail polish (OPI, Essie) and 30% off all make up and skin care. It is a win, win!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday



  1. I love seeing all the deep dark secrets people have in their bags :) yay! I always have so much CRAP in mine!

  2. Haha...the one random tea bag made me laugh. I don't even want to know what's in the bottom of my purse!

    And yay for your new job! I'm a new follower, so looking forward to following your new adventures!
    xo Steph

  3. love your purse!!! mine is always big as well! new follower www.diesunddas.blogspot.com

  4. I have so much to comment on.

    A. What is beauty first? where?! That's exciting! what are you doing there? Hook a sistah up with Essie?!!

    B. I like your outfits you posted above. super cute!

    C. I got my patent coach bag from the outlet too and I'm in love!!!!!

    D. Where did your old layout go?!

  5. A. Beauty first is a beauty store..like hair products, nail polish (essie, opi..) my store is at Polaris and i'm going to manage and all that good stuff. They are going to carry Nars (holla!) AND I get 40% off all products..including Essie!!!
    B. Thanks girlfran!
    C. Its my favooooriiitteee bag eveer!
    D. I'm not even sure where it went..I started clicking things and BAM it was gone! I need a new one anyway..give me some sites that have good ones! puhhllease!!


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