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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Isn't girl talk a cover band?

...if someone ever hears me utter those words again, please quickly smack me in the teeth.

My homegirl, Alicia {who always has my back} kept talking about this damn thing called "girl talk." 
"Kelsey, seriously, buy a girl talk ticket!"
I was convinced this band was just another cover band and just stood up on stage and sang some tunes and blah blah blah..
Well, I was wrong and once again, she was right.

best night I've ever had.

Now, if you have never heard of girl talk I suggest you quickly hop on youtube and research him quickly. 
He is this skinny white boy who does nothing but mashes up songs and comes up with great things like this..
please excuse our singing.

told you, greatness.

Once again, I thank the heavens I have her as my friend to show me all of these great things.

Now, go on, download some girl talk.



  1. I AM RIGHT AGAIN!! Go me!!

    kiss kiss love you boo boo

  2. I was there too with a bunch of my friends! I have been to 4 girl talk concerts, and all of them are so much fun!!! I will say though this outside one was the best :) I love every second of one of this concerts - we just dance the entire time! And not to be uber creepy but based on your picture you guys were like right next to us lol. Hopefully to help with that creepiness is that I'm friends with Holly, so in a strange way I feel like I kind of know you ladies lol.

  3. LOL this is exactly what happened to me! I couldn't watch the videos but I'm about to go put something on in itunes :) Glad you had fun!


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