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Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Vacations & Channing.

Haaaappy Friday!

Let me be the first to say that I am oh so glad it is FRIDAY! 
Why you ask? Well...

1. I saw the midnight showing of Magic Mike last night, and well I have no words to describe my love for Channing. He is one gorgeous, sexy, hottttt, pieces off ass.
Yes, I just said piece of ass.
Ladies, ladies, ladies, do yourself a favor and go see that movie..like asap. Don't wait till tomorrow, go now.
Because, he looks like this the ENTIRE movie. 

2. Because it's friday, duh.
3. Tonight is girls night.
4. I'm leaving tomorrow to head to Maryland to see my FAAAMMMIIILLLY.

Now, my mom is from the east coast, Easton, Maryland if we want to get technical. So, we try to go back to her "roots" at least once a year or every couple and visit the family. 
Growing up we didn't always go to Maryland, sometimes we would go to Myrtle Beach and certain things would happen like my TWO OLDER cousins and OLDER BROTHER LOSING ME {at the young age of 5} at the beach. 
Oh...the memories.

Or, sometimes we would go to Deep Creek lake and romp around there looking for things. I'm not sure what kind of things we did there because I was young and don't remember it, I just know we have a shit ton of family photo's to prove I was in fact there at one point.

As we grow older our family vacations & holiday get togethers started looking more and more like this...

we do shots, lots and lots of shots.

..and drink a shit ton of beer.

..and perhaps a shit ton of liquor.

We always end up dancing.
{let's not judge my outfits on a few of these, throwbacks from 2006}

Oh look, we are still doing shots.

..and we ALWAYS, ALWAYS drink out of Pam Price cups.
{my aunt is Pam Price and she is a badass realtor..with her own cups}

We also may, or may not, hold people down on the ground {aka me} and plug their noses and pour shots down their throats.
Oh Emerald Isle, and your memories.

Most people dread going on family vacations, I however, count down the days until I get to spend seven days with them. We don't get to spend a lot of time with one another, so when we do we always make up for it.

I can't wait to spend seven days doing nothing but, drinking with my cousin Casey, swimming, laying out, going to the beach, baseball games, crab feasts, Busch gardens, fireworks, more booze, my aunt & moms cooking, seeing my adorable little cousins, hearing my Uncle Bill say "for shiiiiiit sake" and dancing and singing whatever song comes on the pod with my Aunt Pam. 

I have some fantastic guest bloggers lined up for when I am gone, so make sure you show them some  l-o-v-e. 



  1. haha your family vacations sound like fun!

  2. Mmmm I can't wait to see Magic Mike.


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