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Monday, January 9, 2012

An entire night of hottness.

Ohh hiiiii there everyone.

I would like everyone to just take a moment and realize this girlfran hit 50 followers..

50 kids.

Whoop, whoop.

Ok, enough of that and moving on..

How was everyone's weekend? What did you do? Did you get to spend an entire night with nothing but gorg looking people?

Oh, no, you say? Because I sure did..

A couple of local columbus bloggers and I went to the Michael Stagliano concert here in Cbus.
Now, let me start off by saying the kid can carry a tune, but he ain't no Johnny Cash.
My ticket said he was going to play for two hours, he played for 40 minutes.
I was just starting to get use to staring at his body in his tight jeans..I mean..his gorgeous smile.
All in all it was a fabulous night..

Checkk....Checckk it out.

Oh hi there Katie & Alicia

Uh huh, you guessed it that's Michael Stagliano from the Batchelorette. 
He is sexxxaayyy girlfriends.

I spy Holly too!

Why, yes Michael, I will have your babies.

Seriously, he is delicious. 
Too much?

I roll with some pretty beeechhhess..

It was such a fun night. Lots of laughing, dancing, rapping, and well of course drinking that went on that night! I mean besides seeing Michael's gorgeous face it was just a blast and a half. 

I'm sorry for such a picture heavy post but I really don't remember much {I blame the margs} to describe the night in words. 
All I gotta say is thank the heavens for cameras!

Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Gawd - I had so much fun it was crazy!! We are beautiful people. :) See you this weekend!!

  2. this is awesome!!!

    your newest follower :)


  3. What a fun night! He seems like a pretty cool guy.
    P.S. I know life is crazy in crazy town, but I "tagged" you in my post today!


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