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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship: Zumba Style.

Hello everyone!
How was everyone's long weekend?
Mine was delightful, thank you for asking.

I know you are all dying to know what I did!
Which is why I will tell you tomorrow in hopes I find my camera cord to download the pictures for it!

Moving on people..

Do ya'll have a love/hate relationship with thing(s)? I have a love/hate relationship with many things.
Chocolate {tastes oh so good but does nothing for my thighs!}
Shopping {Makes me feel oh so fab, but oh so broke}
Boys {No explanation needed}
The Cleveland Browns {Again, no explanation needed}

Ok, you get the point.
Let's talk about my strongest love/hate relationship..


{Your's truly did this dance last night and my legs were on fire after}

Why do I love it?
Because for 60 whole minutes I get to do nothing but pop, lock, and drop it and shake my money makaaa!
I get to jam with my homeboys Urrrsherrr {not to be confused with Usher}, David Guetta, Flo Rida.
You know, all of the greats.
I also love it because it really is a fantastic workout for days when you just don't really feel like working out. 
In a one hour Zumba class you can burn up to 650 calories!
650 calories to burn while just shakin' it?
Yes. Please.

Why do I hate it?
My entire body is throbbing today.
Not like an achey throb, oh no, a flat out my entire body is worked to the core.
My hips, abs, thighs, arms...all of it: ache.

That is what happens in a love/hate relationship! 
You love to hate it, and you hate to love it.

However, my sore little arse can't wait to go back on Wednesday!

What are you some of your love/hates? 

Have a fantastic one!



  1. I've never done Zumba, but I want to!

  2. Zumba..one thing I have not tried. 4 words: I have no rhythm. LOL Where do you go? can you take a guest? you would laugh the entire time if I went. I do want to try it though..I just don't get how you know all the moves to do just by watching an instructor? I feel like I'd be all over the place and confused!

  3. OMG I loved Zumba until I started taking Hip Hop!!! Way better than Zumba and more fun!! :)

  4. I looove Zumba :) I'm always hurting afterwards too, but I love that burn of worked-out muscles! New(er) follower :)

  5. I tried Zumba once, lets say it didn't go over well haha! I think i will stick to running!

  6. I've never tried Zumba either but love workout classes so maybe I should try :)


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