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Monday, January 30, 2012

The time I got pissed on by a golden retriever & protein bars.

Happy Monday.
How was your weekend? What all did you do?

I noticed I lost my first follower today..

There is a lot going on with my blog title today, don't ya think.
Let's get started.

So, my hair for the past year and a half or so has been the same color. Dirty blonde with some lighter highlights. The dirty blonde being my natural color was gasp! starting to come in greyish/ashy.
No no, this could not be happening. 
Keeping the same hair color for me is an accomplishment.
So, being this color was getting old.

...I strolled into work over the weekend and let a stylist do this..

ps. why is my face so chubby?

After revealing my hair color to a few girls I work with one said this to me..

"it kinda looks like a golden retriever pissed on your head..."


I'm still getting used to it and I know it will fade but for now my hair is loud and proud.

Tonight I am going to make a batch of these bad boys..
Peanut Butter/Chocolate Protein Bars.

I've made them before {via pinterest} and want to try some different things.
I will post a recipe & review sometime this week.
I'm sure you will all be dying to have it.

Have a fantastic day.



  1. I love your hair!!

    Head over to my Made My Day Monday Blog Link-Up today! Get new followers and share your story that made your day!!


  2. 1. Your hair is so effing cute.
    2. I too suffer from the chubby face problem
    3. What a bitch to say that to you. Jealous? Me thinks so.

  3. I'm in love with everything about your hair. The color, middle part, and those curls. I'm super jealous!!


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