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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Warm Welcome!

Hellooo everybody!

It's Thursday and I've been on hold for appox. 13 minutes with Student Loan Services.
I've had my car towed to a mechanic shop
I have had two phone calls to set up job interviews.

Not. To. Shabby 
Minus the holding and getting car towed.

So, I suck as a friend and still have yet to post about Alicia's birthday extravaganza (botched that spelling) because well my camera cord was lost but don't worry it was found: in my car. 

So, that is just going to have to wait my friends! Check out her post today and it gives you all the highlights of such a wonderful drunken time celebration.

But don't you worry, I have fantastic news.
The bestie Gabby has started blogging again! 

She is sassy and comical {much like myself :)} and really is a gem!
She is blogging all about her move to Texas {still sad} and about her new journey and experiences.

So, all 59 of you {Oh so close to 60} go on over to Almost Texas and give this lovely lady some blog lovin. 
Pretty Please?
Her blog post about the moving process to Texas is pretty funny.
But, I'm slightly partial to her :)

Have a lovely Thursday everyone!


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