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Friday, July 29, 2011

Freaking Friday.

On most fridays my title would be TGIF, however, today I can not say that.
I started off my morning with some light cardio and thought "Oh, I'll just go to the gym and run for a half hour" Just a regular normal cardio session....
Apparently, I wasn't wide awake and in mid run somehow managed to get my arm wrapped up in my headphones cord..then proceeded to yank my iphone out of the slot it was resting. After that my iphone took a few bounces off the treadmill with my headphones getting stuck in the treadmill. I'm not a fan of working out but I do it because the end results makes me feel much better. However, after today..it just proves my point on why I don't like it. Treadmill-1 Kelsey-0. 
My freaking friday doesn't stop there! I come home to make my protein shake, put all the ingrediants in it and start to shake! BAM! Protein shake all over the walls. Being the smart person I am forgot to close the lid all the way on the shaker and the contents of it went flyingggggggggg. Keep in mind this all happened before 10am. 
However, yesterday I did buy some cute new workout clothes and if I knew how to upload a picture from a website on here, I would. But, for now you will just have to know I found some really cute shorts and running jackets for inside and tanks for outside!
I hope everyones friday started off better than mine and has a fabulous weekend!



  1. Oh i've done that on the treadmill! Makes you feel really special :)

  2. I ran into the side of the treadmill yesterday. I am apparently incapable of running straight. It actually really really hurt.

    I think we both need to wear pads and helmets before going to the gym - to ensure our survival.


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