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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 I realized something this morning as I was writing out my list of things that I am thankful for and for the first time I realized that the worth "thankful" really does not describe how I feel about my life. I started to think of maybe using the word greatful, blessed, lucky, fortunate..etc. However, none of those words helped describe how I feel this year. 
Earlier this week I did a half serious/half joking list of what I am giving thanks to for this year but that list could have had another twenty things on it. I get to spend this Thanksgiving with family that means the world to me and who I would not be here without! My grandparents are getting older and memories fade for them quickly so it is nice to live in the moment with them and have them see first hand what I am thankful for. 
I get to spend it with my parents who have provided me with this comfortable life that I live and have hardly ever said no to me in my life and gave me every tool I have ever needed to accomplish what I wanted and encouraged me the entire way.
I get to spend it with my brother and his lovely girlfriend who I am just as thankful for. She has done miracles for my brother and I's relationship and I could never repay her for that. My brother and I use to not be able to stay in a room with one another for 10 minutes and now we spend the entire time laughing and joking, and GASP we even agree on things {few things..babysteps people!}
The list could go on and on for what I am thankful for, and who I am thankful for. But, like I said the world "thankful" just really doesn't do it anymore. 
So, with that I wish you ALL a very wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that the world "thankful" for you is just as powerful as it is fo rme. 

Lots of love-


  1. sweet :) so glad you and your brother's relationship can get back on track!

  2. so happy to hear this. thanks love. you're the best. xo


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