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Thursday, December 15, 2011

You mean to tell me NOTHING is wrong?

Today was one of my three days I have off before Christmas. 

Yes, you heard me correctly just three days! So, I had planned to start and finish my Christmas shopping today. FAIL. MAJOR FAIL.

My car over the past year has just been real sassy. It will stahl and stutter and make some rattles and then shut down and then just go along my merry little way! 

Today my lovely lady decided it didn't want to move along her merry little way and left me STRANDED in the parking lot. 

So, finally after it started I trucked it on over to the Honda dealership and waited TWO hours for the nice {and oh so very cute} boy to tell me that nothing was wrong with my car.

You are right mister Honda man, it just doesn't start and shakes VERY loudly! But, don't you worry there is nothing wrong with it. Makes. perfect. sense. 

Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper and I didn't get one Christmas present purchased. 

Now I'm going to need all my little elf's to not only purchase the rest of my presents but start car shopping for me as well.

Happy Thursday kids! It is bound to get better, right?



  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your car troubles! That's crazy that he said there was nothing wrong with the car! I mean really? Hope you're able to get your Christmas shopping finished very soon!

  2. Ugh, that is seriously the worst!! At least most stores are offering free shipping online!? That might help a little!! Hope you get to start/finish your shopping soon!!


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