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Friday, December 16, 2011


Happy Friday ladies!

This week flew by and I usually would be happy about this but seeing as how I have yet to do any Christmas shopping I wish it would have slooowed down just a smidge. 

I'm sure all of you are asking what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is this girlfran talkin about?

I'm talking about the most delicious smelling hair products in the history of hair products. 
I'm sorry Morrocan Oil, but there is a new man in town!

Dry texture spray- perfect hair in a bottle. 
I use this stuff when I wear all the time now! It acts as a dry shampoo and spray wax at the same time! It holds everything in place, makes it piecy and doesn't make it rock hard and it smells delicious girls, delicious!

Beach Wave Spray
I use this before I use the texture spray and it makes my hair look luscious and beachy! 
Doesn't everyone want that?

I'm beyond excited work started carrying this line and it actually does work wonders! If you can find it at a salon near you, buy it. 

Sorry to chat and run but this girl has got to go stock up on some Christmas presents. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. ahh now I have to go try this! Hahah I sprayed my Moroccan Oil on my not even fixed hair just so I could smell it yesterday..

  2. I have got to try this!! New follower:)
    Hope you have time to check mine out, too!


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