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Monday, December 5, 2011


Oh hey there girlfrands. 
I can't believe I haven't posted in 5 days..phew! I've been one busy girl.

Yes, this girl right here finally finished college. Thank you to the heavens above! Well, I'm pretty sure I am finished unless I completely bombed my exam. Wouldn't that suck! 

Did you loves have a good weekend? Tell me all about it...

Now, let's discuss today's title, shall we?

No, I'm not refering to facetime on my iphone! I am referring to skin care! I just started using a new skin care line that we carry at work and to say that I am in LOVE with it is the understatement of the century. So, I thought I would share my daily skin care routine with ya'll.

I introduce you to my best friend..

I use three products everyday from dermalogica and just in these few weeks that I've started using it my skin has done a complete 180. 

In the morning I just wash my face with warm water and throw on some light oil free moisturizer. My evening rutine is the following.

Step 1. Precleanse
I can't go to bed at night with any makeup on my face and this stuff is a glorious. It is a light oil that you rub on your face that removes everything and I mean everything off of your face! All that foundation, bronzer, mascara! All of it! My face has never felt so clean! When you use a precleanse before actually cleansing it allows you to get deeper into your pores allowing for a cleaner face!

Step 2. Clearing Face Wash
I only wash my face at night because my skin is naturally oily but dry at the same time if that makes sense! This face wash really makes my face feel clean and refreshed and prevents breakouts and has helped minimize my pores greatly. 

Step 3. Active Moist

After cleansing I use this active moist and it really is moisturizing and makes my face feel super smooth and refreshed! 

Every other day after washing I will use a toner before putting on my active moist and that really helps hydrate my skin and make it look refreshed!

I'm sure you all are delighted to know what my facetime routine is! It really is important to take care of your skin and use the right products for it! Luckily my new job has helped show me that!

What are your favorite face products?


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