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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Graduation & Top 5 Tuesday!

Do ya'll still remember me? I feel like I have really slacked on this thing lately and I apologize oh so many times for it! 

This weekend could be summed in two words: lightning fast.

Between working, weddings, graduation, family dinners I am beyond exhausted!

I could go into every little detail and type it all out of what I did this weekend, but, let's be honest that takes a lot of time that I do not have patience for. So, instead you shall see my weekend in pictures and by weekend I mean graduation because I didn't take pictures of anything else I did! 
I apologize now for the nasty hair and blowfish type looking face! I indulged in some adult beverages the night before {naturally} and was all doped on cold medicine the next day. Go on, make fun.

 getting my diploma! Yes, I wore my cowboy boots with tights and a black dress. Scooore. 
 Me & Mama
 Ain't that a pretty lookin family!
 CUTEST grandparents ever & it was my papoos {grandpa's} 83rd birthday!
 Big brother, Bryan!
 yay! I did it!
 Daddy's little girl!
 Most expensive piece of paper I own. 
Graduation Day=Pay day!
I'm actually really mad I didn't take a picture for a OOTD from graduation because I'm going to toot my own horn when I say it was a-dor-able.

I didn't get to link up with Rachel last week for Top 5 Tuesday so this week I am making sure I do! {Look at that dedication, Rachel!!} This week is christmas carols so take your little tooshie on over there and link up to, NOW :)

Just Peachy

1. All I want for Christmas is you-Mariah Carey
I only blare this song in my car and sing it at the top of my lungs. Possibly throwing in some hand jives and head bobs, but I can not confirm or deny that.
I also enjoy the remix with J. Biebs as well.

2. Merry Christmas, Baby- Hanson
I infact listen to Hanson's christmas cd the entire month of November, Decemeber & Janaury and am also still convinced one day Zac and I will become married and make beautiful blonde babies.

3. Christmas (Baby please come home)- Michael Buble
Seeing as how I would like to make sweet love to Michael Buble's voice {little too much?} I enjoy any of his christmas songs but this one just takes the cake.

4. The Christmas Song- Frank Sinatra version
Just melts my heart when I hear this version.

5. Mistletoe- Justin Bieber
I had to have one song on here from his Christmas album and this one just happens to be my favorite!

Phew, that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed it! What are you favorite christmas songs?

Have a glorious Tuesday!



  1. i LOVE that michael buble song too!! great picks!

    and congrats on graduating!!

  2. Rachel's needing some OOTDs from ya! Looks cute with the cowboy boots :)

    Loving your list and that we love Hanson SO much. I'll take Taylor though! Too bad they're both married with children. Meh :(

  3. Congratulations on graduating!!

    And I think that All I Want for Christmas is You is my ULTIMATE Christmas song! Love it!!

  4. You are too cute! I seriously love that you wore your cowboy boots to graduation!!! I can't wait to graduate!


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