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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Sh!t Moment..

I just looked down at my calendar and saw it was Wednesday? Is this correct, and if so, how?

I mean do not get me wrong when I say I am a-ok with a fast week but I feel like it has been roughly 12 hours since the weekend ended, wrong.

I would consider myself a very smart, intelligent college graduate {nope, still not sick of saying it} and am usually pretty good at planning ahead and for the future, until today happened. I had my very first oh shiiiiit moment about the future. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks...

I have to become an adult and search for a big girl job {screaaaching break noise please!} 
How? When? What? Why? 
Sneaking smirnoff ice's into my basement with all my friends at the prime age of 15 literally feels like six months ago and now because I have this fancy and oh so expensive piece of paper I am now forced to find a real job with real pay and real hours? 

Screw this kids, I'm going back to school! {siiiiiike}

But, seriously? Now what? 

Don't get me wrong I actually enjoy working and having responsibilites but there is something about having a 9-5 job and all of those goodies that come along with it that slightly startled me!

I have mentioned before how I have had a pretty debbie downer year and am looking to move out of Ohio! Do any of you have suggestions on where I should try looking or have any good companies {degree is in retail merchandising and marketing} that I should research?

Hit me with it sistas. 
Until then, I encourage all of you that are currently in college to stay there, and to those of you who are in the working world: help.

Peace out loves.



  1. I'm just a sophomore and I am already freaking out about this. Ah!! Good luck to you girly.

  2. yah i have been out of college or about 2 years but i haven't been looking for a job so don't worry! The job will appear soon enough! oh and i had to laugh at the smirnoff ice memory...that was so me too! :)

  3. I've been an official member of the work force for 3 years now, and I miss school! What I wouldn't give for a spring break, summer break, winter break...any break would do really! The way I got my job was by starting as an intern, doing really well and making them take notice, and I got hired on full time when I graduated. It sucks at first to not get paid, but especially in marketing, sometimes it's the only way in. Good luck and I know you'll find something great!

  4. Texas? Lam Lam and Khloe are coming... Just a thought! <3 you!

  5. Funny that I'm just now reading this post, but that I wrote something very similar after my graduation. Its also funny that we both graduated on the same day, but didn't ever meet til later :)


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