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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I won! I won!

Well isn't this just an exciting day! I won my first blogger award! yahhhoooo, someone else reads my blog and actually enjoys the things I say :)

Thank you to this little gem she awarded me with this! Ya'll should go visit her blog because she is fabulous!

Now, I must follow the rules and must type fast because my mac keeps sassying me that the battery is low. Get over it battery.

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you the award.
Thank you Just Peachy for giving me an award :) I feel so special now and like I'm slowly but surely becoming a part of this blogging award!
Rule #2: Share seven facts about yourself.
1. I need nail polish anonymous. I buy a new color at least once a week! I know it is insane but I like having the variety of which color I can wear. I mean, I have to have choices for each season..right?!
2. If it was healthy and acceptable I would eat Jeni's ice cream every.single.day. If you live in Columbus, Pittsburgh, or NYC check it out..delicious.
3. Shopping is therapy for me and I feel just like in therapy I shouldn't miss my weekly session. Can't be good for the mind.
4. As soon as I finish school (neveeeerr ending) I will be moving from Ohio. I have no clue where and what I will be doing but I've always felt that there is something bigger and better for me out there.
5. I have the most AMAZING family in the world and will do anything for them, anything.
6. Lion King & Newsies are my favorite movies still. Hi, I'm 23.
7. I'm addicted to fashion magazines. I feel that the more I look at them my style will get better...wishful thinking.
Rule #3: Pass the award onto 15 bloggers that you recently discovered. 
(I only have 14 followers...so we are going to have to settle for 3 kids...and I think that's all my battery life will allow!)
2. Keep Calm & Carry On- special props this girl right here! She is the one who helped me get my blog up and running!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


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