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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hair 101.

Hair 101? Well, I must admitt that I am a complete mess when it comes to doing my hair. I don't think I even learned how to braid properly until I was 15. embarrassing.
However, today, I for once mastered a hairstyle I love. A fish tail braid!!! I'm sorry I'm so excited about it but I just love a fish tail braid and thanks to the lovely Lauren Conrad I mastered it all by myself. Check out the super easy tutorial here.

WALA! Fishtail braid. This one is a little messy because I was jammin out to some Miranda Lambert with all my windows down in my car today...but you get the point! 
I didn't cut the top elastic holder like they do in the video because my hair is so thick and heavy it needs that extra support! I just looped an extra strand of hair around the elastic so you can't even see it! 

I also lately have mastered the "beach waves" look after approximately two years. The key: sea salt spray. Who knew? 
I found this works best but it runs 23 bucks a bottle which I think is just way to pricey so I relied on my good friend google to give me a DIY recipe for sea salt spray and of course my dear friend never lets me down! In my opinion the at home recipe works much better.
I tried this one and it worked like a charm. I have natural curly and thicker hair so I don't have to use much. If your hair tends to not hold curl as well it may require more. 
 I just take a 1' curling iron (hot tools works best) and take a strand of hair (around 1' in width) and curl it going the OPPOSITE direction, and continue doing that around the rest of my head. 
Final Result:

It may be only two hairstyles I've perfected. However, when you are hair challenged like me two goes a long way!



  1. Okay I just backstalked every single post you have.. creepy? Yes. But I can see that you're quickly going to become my favorite blogger and best friend. Thought you should know. LOVE your hair and your outfits in all your posts.. you need to post more! And I need to know more about this 7 day cleanse. Did it work for you? I know you said you lost 11 pounds (!!!!!) but how hard was it?

  2. Not creepy at all! I'm glad someone will wanna be my blog buddy! I just realized that i'm wearing the same blazer in the post..whoops..I'm obsessed with it! There was a typo in my post haha I actually only lost 1.5 in one day not 11! The cleanse was through Tone It Up girls. They are AHMAZING. they upload work outs and stuff on youtube..check it out. They will whip ya into shape! I look forward to our blog friendship haha!

  3. Love these styles! I seriously need help with beach hair..maybe the sea salt spray will help? And thanks for the fishtail tutorial!!

  4. Here is the tutorial I used to help me master beach hair! I hope it helps you :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkzRT228pmg&feature=player_embedded


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