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Friday, August 19, 2011


This blogging every day or even every week is so hard! 

Lately, I've been realizing I have a severe case of the addictions. To what you ask? Well come on..I'll tell you all about it. 
It has gotten so bad I could even come up with a Top 10. sigh.

1.  Hanging with friends app.
I. cant. stop. playing. This app is like words with friends..but hangman. Which, may or may not be my favorite game ever! If you have an iphone-download now, and the best part is its FREE!
2. Shoes-which is clearly a given since I'm a girl and only 5'2. But, I bought this pair today and can not wait to wear them!
hello gorgeous.

3. my macbook. I've had it since February and I'm just now finding out all the wonderful things I can do with it. For example, today I learned about the two finger scroll that allows you to scroll an entire page in .3 seconds. Who knew!?! It's the little things...
4. Feathers in the hair. At first, I'll be honest, I thought it was the dumbest thing. But, like all trends I fell in love with them! I'm getting two put in my hair next week and I can. not. wait. What colors you ask?
Scarlet and gray..for the Buckeyes, duh. We are only a few weeks away from kickoff!!!!!

5. I will be a college graduate from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY in 8 days!!!!!!! In my best Melissa Gorga impression i say THANKKKK YOOUUUU JESSSUUUSSSSS. I've been obsessing over what to wear, how to make my hair pretty under that terrible hat. I still have to pass my final but I'm feeling confident...all the prayers I can get puhhleeassee (in best Teresa Guidice voice) I know this isn't really an addiction. I'm just way to excited :)

6. Nail polish..this is a given. I've been addicted to changing up my nails. Not just painting them the basic one shade! Lately I've been painting my nails a bright color and pairing it with gold sparkles on top

7. Britney Spears.
I can't help it! Through all her sheninigans the past few years I'm still a big time fan! She happens to be in cbus this weekend and I got the deal of a lifetime! Being the crazy  groupon stalker I am I got a ticket that face valued at 118 for 53 bucks! My seats are wonderful and I CAN NOT WAIT to dance and sing my heart out! 
favorite britney spears song: toxic. duh.

I can't believe it took me to #8 to get to this. Don't get me wrong I'm the biggest girly girl you will ever meet but football is my thing. I love everything about it! I'm a die hard BUCKEYES and BROWNS fan. 
Ohio State football is a way of life here in Cbus. GOOO BUCKS!!

9. Reality TV. You know you are all addicted to it as well! It just sucks you in and you can't get out of it! My favorite reality shows are obviously..
1. Teen Mom- it doesn't get any better.
2. Project Runway
3. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (I want to be Khloe)
4. Swamp People (greatest show in the history of shows...)
5. Real Housewives of Jerrrseeeeeyyyy (I'd marry either Manzo brother)

Last but not least, I'm addicted to the book The Help
I just started reading it a few days ago and it is an AMAZING read. I highly recommend it! I'm reading as fast as I can so I can see the movie!  Have any of you guys read the book? 

Phew, longest post yet! What are some of your guy's addictions?

As I stated in an earlier post my best friend moved to Texas a few days ago..still sobbing..but here is a cute picture of us two at her going away party!
i'm gonna miss this little bug a boo.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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