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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Texas? Really?!

"You can tell me anything. I don't judge. We're the non-judging Breakfast club. I'm your best friend.
Anything you do is something I did too." --Gossip Girl

My very first follower on this "blog" is that one person to I'm dedicating this blog post to! I give you, my blog dedication to: Gabby Marie. I'm writing this post now because in less then 2 short weeks I will be a blubbering baby and a hot mess. 
she is going to kill me for this picture :)
Let me explain why I'm writing this sappy, lengthy post. Gabby Marie has decided to LEAVE Me for Texas (who moves to texas??????) 
Gabby has been my best friend since my 6th grade year. I first met Gabby when I was in 4th grade at bible school and she was sitting by herself because she didn't want to take place in the kickball game at activity hour. I, also was sitting by myself because well..we all know I do not do physical activity. I knew then it would be a beautiful friendship. 
6th grade came around and Gabby and I bonded and were instantly best friends and she has been my BEST friend since. 
I know everyone says "Oh, I have the best friend EVER" but, I really do mean it when I say God gave me the best friend a girl could ask for.  Gabby and I have had maybe three fights and they were all resolved within 12 hours because we couldn't stand not talking to one another. Whether it was something so small and simple, or even ridicilously stupid we could not go that long without speaking. 
I have had my share of "friends" my whole life. Some of those friends I know longer speak to beacuse of very small things, some friends I know longer speaker just simply because we grew up and apart. I've had those friends who have talked more crap about me behind my back and then called for a favor 10 minutes later. Gabby has NEVER been any of that. If we had a fight on something small we had words for 10 minutes and then got over it. If Gabby didn't like something I was doing or saying she talked about me to my face. At the time I would get SO mad at her for being honest with me and seeing the things I needed to see simply because she cared.
She knew exactly when to step back and let me learn a lesson even when she knew the outcome and never once said "I told you so" (cough cough dating stupid boys, not giving myself enough credit cough cough)
Gabby decided to tell me she was picking grad school in TEXAS in the middle of the candle aisle at Target. She "thought" telling me in public would be a better idea so I couldn't have a mental breakdown and throw a temper tantrum.I, however, did both.  My first thought honestly was "Well, how the hell am I suppose to function!!" I was slightly mad at her for chosing to go that far away and then realized I was being selfish. No matter how BAD of a decision I was making (and I made plenty) Gabby ALWAYS supported me, and here I was not being supportive of her. I don't like the idea of her moving to Texas because I won't be able to shop with anyone, get mani's with anyone, get Jeni's with (they dont have that in Texas miss) But, really it just boils down to not being able to show up at her apartment and cry if I need to, laugh if I need to, or just hang out. 
But, after A LOT of tears and being sad I can say I'm excited for her! We both talk about this "rut" we have been in here in Ohio and you being the strong girl you are chose to do something about it. Packing up and moving to a place where you know no one and doing it all on your own takes courage. 
I will ALWAYS ALWAYS be here for you and love love love you unconditionally. I'm ichat, facetime, plane ride away. Best of luck to you and finding your cowboy! 
I love love love you.
Christmas Photo!
We always were so good at sharing.
Oldie but a goodie!
favorite picture EVER.
Proud moment <3

I would just like everyone know that I did infact cry while writing this! If I'm a mess now imagine what I will be like come August 17th. You all have been warned.


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